Best Stuff on the Web {This Week}

I used to try to share some of my favorite things here on the blog. Since I love reading about everyone else's favorite things, I figured it would be good to share my own.... turns out I could never narrow down the list enough to hit publish. But I'm giving it another try (you know, since I have the fun of an extra day this weekend)... so check out some of my favorite things this week to start pinning, adding to wishlists, and bookmarking to read later!

  • College Football Season! The best part of the week was clearly the start of the college football season (I only count down starting the week after the national championship - I'm not one of those obsessed people...) To celebrate (even though my Clemson Tigers didn't win), check out the Wall Street Journal's Grid of Shame (for just the graphic, click here) and find your favorite team... 
  • via WSJ
  • Invention / New Product: 2 female engineers have made dolls that encourage girls to join the STEM fields (via Mic)
via Mic
  • App: Wunderlist is so helpful for making lists that you can share with your significant other, as well as tagging tasks, adding deadlines, making multiple entire lists, sub-tasks, etc. and then get access on your desktop (Mac AND PC), iPhone, Droid, iPad, etc. (for free!)
via Wunderlist
  • Critical World News: Full House (might have a) reunion (you got it, dude!).... so much excitement. Read more about it here
via Glamour
  • Shopping: Lots of Labor Day sales! (6 of them here, courtesy of The Glitter Guide)
  • "Secret" that Makes Life More Awesome: You can use up to 4 coupon / promo codes at the same time on! (Maybe you already knew, but that was very exciting for me this week...)
  • Tech Roundup: Time rounded up 59(!) free Twitter tools to use (I'm still exploring, but I've already lost some serious time to SocialBro, thanks to this article)
via SocialBro
  • DIY Project with Stuff You Own: I think all crafty gals like making stuff with school supplies (or just getting school supplies) and Brit + Co rounded up some DIY projects to make with office supplies (so you can fun even if you're not going back to school and getting your own new supplies)
via Brit + Co.

Anything I missed? Great stories, tools, nostalgia? I'd love to know (seriously, I would)!

DIY Earring Organizers Roundup

I genuinely love organizing and re-organizing my jewelry - probably because it gives me a chance to take it all out and play with it. This week I was thinking about organizing my earrings and went to gather some ideas from the interwebs... and I realized there were a lot of great ideas. So I did what any normal person would do and ignored my real life collection and gathered all of these fabulous ones to choose from... enjoy!

I'll be sharing with my favorite linky parties....

My Favorite Lifestyle Blogs

I'm not entirely sure that I even understand what a "lifestyle" blog is... but I've come to understand that it's a category that describes a lot of my favorite, very active blogs. The ones that mix in DIY and crafty projects along with new products, tech tips, travel dreams, great finds from around the web, pet stuff, and more. Now that I know this is what to look for when I'm trying to find more great new sites to read, tweet, and follow obsessively, I thought I'd round up some of my faves and hopefully get some suggestions and find some new favorites...

The first six (in what was supposed to be sort of alphabetical order)...

7. pretty shiny sparkly, 8. Lauren Conrad, 9. iVillage, 10. Jezebel, 11. PopSugar (and FitSugar, YumSugar, PetSugar, SavvySugar, TresSugar, and more! I love them all, but PopSugar is the original/main one), 12. Refinery29

So, are you excited to check some of these out? Do you know of any that I missed? Is there a better way to discover them (besides searching "lifestyle blog", which seems to turn up all kinds of lifestyles that I'm not looking for)? (Really, I'd love some more awesome sites to get lost in for hours and completely ignore the passage of time...)

I'll be sharing with my favorite linky parties....