DIY Earring Organizers Roundup

I genuinely love organizing and re-organizing my jewelry - probably because it gives me a chance to take it all out and play with it. This week I was thinking about organizing my earrings and went to gather some ideas from the interwebs... and I realized there were a lot of great ideas. So I did what any normal person would do and ignored my real life collection and gathered all of these fabulous ones to choose from... enjoy!

I'll be sharing with my favorite linky parties....

My Favorite Lifestyle Blogs

I'm not entirely sure that I even understand what a "lifestyle" blog is... but I've come to understand that it's a category that describes a lot of my favorite, very active blogs. The ones that mix in DIY and crafty projects along with new products, tech tips, travel dreams, great finds from around the web, pet stuff, and more. Now that I know this is what to look for when I'm trying to find more great new sites to read, tweet, and follow obsessively, I thought I'd round up some of my faves and hopefully get some suggestions and find some new favorites...

The first six (in what was supposed to be sort of alphabetical order)...

7. pretty shiny sparkly, 8. Lauren Conrad, 9. iVillage, 10. Jezebel, 11. PopSugar (and FitSugar, YumSugar, PetSugar, SavvySugar, TresSugar, and more! I love them all, but PopSugar is the original/main one), 12. Refinery29

So, are you excited to check some of these out? Do you know of any that I missed? Is there a better way to discover them (besides searching "lifestyle blog", which seems to turn up all kinds of lifestyles that I'm not looking for)? (Really, I'd love some more awesome sites to get lost in for hours and completely ignore the passage of time...)

I'll be sharing with my favorite linky parties....

Wooden Wall Art

I'm a little embarrassed that I haven't already shared this little tutorial because I love this project so much it's in my living room... 

...AND a close up of it is my G+ header (and has been for awhile).

Awhile back we needed something with a few blue shades in the living room and I'd seen some fun coffee stirrer art online (AMAZING examples from Make & Do Girl here, Ali Does It here, True Gypsy Soul here, and Merf's Turf here)and figured that could work for me because I didn't want to spend too much...

  • Paint, paintbrush(es), containers for paint
  • Woodsies (little coffee stirrer-looking things, I found them at AC Moore in the section with wooden dowels, shapes, etc.)
  • Glue
  • Cardstock/thick paper (to fit in your frame)
  • Frame
  • Scissors

For this project, my frame is about an 8"x10" and I used about 2.5 packages of the woodsies and I went to town painting them. 

I mixed up various shades of blue, a few white woodsies, added silver to some of the blues... and had fun. Two coats gave me the opaque color and I made sure to paint the sides of the woodsies so you'd just see solid color.

I laid out the painted woodsies and played with how I wanted to arrange them. Then I just glued them onto some cardstock that I cut to fit inside the frame. 

I mixed up the colors and trimmed and broke some of the woodsies to fit the framed area...

Forgot to take pictures in my excitement and then just popped my art into my frame and voila!

Obviously one of my favorite pieces.... it makes me so happy every time I look at it which is a big success in my mind!

A few more photos of my work...

Super-easy to make and ties together a lot of the pretty blues in our living room!

I'll be sharing with my favorite linky parties....