Falcons Ornament

In my quest to make lots of fun ornaments that weren't too girly and appealed to what Mr. Crafty Scientist likes, I first thought I'd try to create an ornament with Matt Ryan's face on it... but then I remembered what my skill level is with stuff like that and decided to go for the Atlanta Falcons "F" (falcon) logo....

DIY Atlanta Falcons Ornament

You could do this with any team's logo, but I'll walk you through how I made this one (though I forgot to take any process pictures).

  • Glass ornament
  • Red paint (variety of tints and shades)
  • Black paint
  • Plastic cup for draining paint
  • Vinyl with design
  • Black paint pen
  • Silver paint pen
  • Red glitter paint pen
  • Red ribbon
I started out by pouring a lot of red paint inside the clear ornament and swirled it around. Then, I just turned it upside down and let the extra red paint drip out overnight. Then, I replaced the top of the ornament and go to to work making a Falcons logo with my handy Silhouette... (focus on the red and black paint swirled here).

DIY Atlanta Falcons Ornament

DIY Atlanta Falcons Ornament

I started with a design that looked like this - the red lines are the cuts - and then the black shaded area is the vinyl that I kept (so I weeded the inside and the outside of the logo and only had the area shaded in black applied to the ornament). 
DIY Atlanta Falcons Ornament Silhouette Cameo Pattern

And made my plan...
DIY Atlanta Falcons Ornament Silhouette Cameo Pattern

So I outlined around the vinyl with my black paint pen and then filled in the inner parts of the vinyl with red glitter paint pen. And then finally, I peeled off the vinyl and used silver paint pen to color in where the vinyl was and then outlined everything with the black paint pen. 

DIY Atlanta Falcons Ornament

Ta da! I love this ornament with its imperfections, but still clearly identifiable team spirit!

DIY Atlanta Falcons Ornament

DIY Atlanta Falcons Ornament

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Gold Polka Dot Ornament

I made this super-cute little ornament for our tree last year... largely inspired by Kate Spade stuff and Hi Sugarplum's ornaments. It was super-simple - just grabbed a circular spongebrush (like these) and painted some little gold dots on the ornament. It took no time at all, cost me nothing, and it goes with any other ornament near it...

I wanted it to be able to sit near some ornaments in a variety of colors, so it just had the little black and white ribbon so the whole thing is pretty neutral.

Ta da! Simple, goes with everything, done in ten minutes!

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What I Read in 2013 {An Updated Roundup}

After my LinkyTools subscription expired, this list of the fun books I read in 2013 became unavailable... so I've recreated it here, just in case you're curious!

1. Deja Dead by Kathy Reichs // 2. Death du Jour by Kathy Reichs // 3. Deadly Decisions by Kathy Reichs // 4. Fatal Voyage by Kathy Reichs // 5. Grave Secrets by Kathy Reichs // 6. Bare Bones by Kathy Reichs // 7. Monday Mourning by Kathy Reichs // 8. Cross Bones by Kathy Reichs // 9. Break No Bones by Kathy Reichs // 10. Bones to Ashes by Kathy Reichs // 11. Devil Bones by Kathy Reichs // 12. Pearl Cove by Elizabeth Lowell //

13. Moving Target by Elizabeth Lowell // 14. The Color of Death by Elizabeth Lowell // 15. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson // 16. Catch Me by Lisa Gardner // 17. Mr. Perfect by Linda Howard // 18. Now You See Her by Linda Howard // 19. Dying to Please by Linda Howard // 20. Killing Time by Linda Howard // 21. Plum Island by Nelson DeMille // 22. The Lion's Game by Nelson DeMille // 24. The Lion by Nelson DeMille //

25. The Panther by Nelson DeMille // 26. The General's Daughter by Nelson DeMille // 27. Spencerville by Nelson DeMille // 28. Rules of Prey by John Sandford // 29. Shadow Prey by John Sandford // 30. Eyes of Prey by John Sandford // 31. Silent Prey by John Sandford // 32. Winter Prey by John Sandford // 33. Night Prey by John Sandford // 34. Mind Prey by John Sandford // 35. Sudden Prey by John Sandford // 36. Secret Prey by John Sandford //

37. Certain Prey by John Sandford // 38. Easy Prey by John Sandford // 39. Chosen Prey by John Sandford // 40. Mortal Prey by John Sandford // 41. Naked Prey by John Sandford // 42. Hidden Prey by John Sandford // 43. Broken Prey by John Sandford // 44. Invisible Prey by John Sandford // 45. Phantom Prey by John Sandford // 46. Postcard Killers by James Patterson & Liza Marklund
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