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I'm trying to start real ads on the blog, but I don't have too much free time... so I'm trying out Passionfruit ads. Check out these options...

The Crafty Scientist is a medium-sized blog, but growing every day! The stats:

  • 500+ followers on Google Friend Connect
  • 700+ subscribed in Feedburner
  • Almost 400 likes on Facebook
  • 150+ Twitter followers
  • Over 400,000 page views
  • 1,000+ views each day
  • 5925+ Pinterest followers!

All posts are sent to facebook, Bloglovin', NetworkedBlogs, a Feedburner RSS feed, linked to Twitter, and posted to linky parties.

I'm still a new blogger and just starting to grow this blog, so I intend to add more, but here's what I offer for now:
  • Button Swap: I place your blog button on my sidebar (as a Blog BFF or Advertiser, part of that widget) and you put mine in the sidebar of your blog. We agree upon a time for this to run and voila! Advertising for us both. Cost: FREE!
  • Guest Post/Blog Swap: We can each post for the other's blog, you can post on my blog, and/or I can post on your blog. I would expect you to post about being a guest on my blog if you post here and I would post about guesting on your blog. Create the html for the post, email it, and magical posts appear. Cost: FREE!
  • Product Review: You send me your product, I write about it, post pictures, and provide a link to your shop/product so that readers can purchase the product too. I get to keep the product and you get an awesome post about it! Cost: Your Product + Shipping (to me)
  • Giveaway: Similar to a product review, I will post information about your product and host a giveaway, selecting a winner from commenters. Amount of time this giveaway runs is flexible and I would use information, links, pictures you provide. I would run the giveaway part and simply tell you where to send the product! You would be expected to post about my blog and the giveaway and/or my button. Cost: Your Product + Shipping (to the winner) For now, I'm putting giveaways on hold because I'm so crazy busy, but I plan to do something like this in the future and if you're interested, please just let me know!
There are other options for advertising and PR and I'm open to those - please just email me at

One of the other things I do is the Amazon Associates program - you can set it up pretty easily with Blogger and basically, I can recommend and link to products and stuff I love directly AND for stuff anyone buys from that link, I get 15%. As of November 1, 2011, I've earned nothing, but since I link to everything anyways, I think this is first and foremost an easy way to show you what I'm talking about and where you can find your own version.

A wise blogger advised me to only ever advertise and post about stuff I love and believe in and I truly believe in that so keep in mind that I only feature blogs, shops, and products I love - that means you can be a very new blogger or a more established one, I just want it to be something that I think my readers will like and that stays true to the crafty fun purpose of this blog! I promise that I have not and will not ever be influenced by any sort of compensation. 

A big thanks to some of the ladies who have posted model Advertising/PR & Disclosure statements that I was lucky enough to be able to model mine after, including ladies at The Gunny Sack, C.R.A.F.T., and Tip Junkie. Any errors or issues are totally my fault and I accept full responsibility.

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