The Picture Wall

In order to clean up some space on my bookshelves, I wanted to put some of my picture frames up on a wall in my little dining room. So the boyfriend and I got a laser level from Wal-Mart for less than $30...

I laid the pictures out on the floor and the boyfriend leveled them at the top and we made this:
The boyfriend wants to re-do this a bit, but I love it! It looks even better than this in person - the colors seem to flow together somehow, the bottoms of the frames don't smack you in the head if you end up against that wall, and they really are remarkably even looking, despite a pretty darn random collection of frames. It took awhile to get them hung, but it was a very low cost project (given that I had the frames already and most people have a level/you can use this laser level many more times!) that had a big impact.

Scrapbook Layout Notebook

I have a friend coming to visit (arriving in an hour or so and staying until Monday!) so I've been cleaning my apartment like a mad woman and so I've had relatively little time to make stuff and write it up. But for now, I'm putting up this project I did... or a sort of teaser of a project I did. At some point, I'll show you what's inside and what I was inspired by, but for now, this is what I made a month or so ago and I just love it now and thought maybe you could take some inspiration or ideas from it (which is what I love about blogland and do all the time)!

At some point, I can show you how I made fabric into tape, my super-cheap way to make stencils that I think work pretty darn well (in case you don't have a fancy Silhouette or Cricut and you haven't already figured this out). I have to say that this project combines some of my favorite things - notebooks, the ribbon tie, a monogram, and the use of my Xyron machine. I cannot recommend the Xyron 1.5" machine enough - my boyfriend makes fun of how many refills I go through for it and how much I love it, but I don't care. (And no, in no way is anyone paying me to say that, though if Xyron would like to pay me, I'd be very okay with that!)

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Valentine's Day Printables

So I've obviously never done any kind of printable or free download, so this may not be the best quality out there, but I was putting this together and figured it was cute and maybe others could use it, so why not post it?

I'm posting these on so you can download them or just save them for future reference or whatever. I've had some troubles trying to get this to work, but hopefully it's up and running! You can print and frame them or put them into a scrapbook or some kind of art for that special someone. Here's what I've got:
  • You can find the whole folder of printables here.... or find the individual printables listed below!
  • Printables featuring Lifehouse's "You and Me" lyrics (the text of the lyrics found here) - printables found here, here, and here (the first two are heart-shaped and the last one is "LOVE"-shaped). 
  • Printables featuring the lyrics of "I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz (the text of the lyrics found here) - printables found here and here
  • One printable featuring John Donne's "A Valediction Forbidding Mourning" here - a poem I absolutely love! If you want to use this, you can find the full text to copy and paste from here
  • A couple of printables featuring "Give All to Love" by Ralph Waldo Emerson's poem - printables found here, here, and here (the first two are heart-shaped and the last one is "LOVE"-shaped). If you want to use this poem, I just copy and pasted the text from here

You can also make one yourself in a few minutes for free! You can use your favorite poem or lyrics, love letter or quotes... whatever. But it's free and incredibly easy - pretty much the best craft ever! The website is Tagxedo. I used the color or theme "punk princess" and mostly the font "My Own Topher." I used various heart shapes or the word LOVE, all with orthogonal orientation. Under layout options, I kept emphasis around 50%, tightness around 100%, scatter a bit above 50% (around 60%), and I allowed about 500 words... and then I just kept spinning, refreshing, and playing with options until I got arrangements I liked.

Enjoy and please let me know what you think - if I completely messed up anything or if you use it! If you take it, please please comment or follow me or something... I'm a new blogger trying to get started and can use the help about what to do and how to make pretty things... thanks! :o)

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Edit: These were deleted from the original site I posted them on, but you can find info about where to get them now here.

Snowflake Punch Wreath

This little tutorial is much like the paper garland curtain... or at least it also makes use of my affinity for paper punches and easy home decor! I've just hung it inside because I'm not sure there's enough paper glaze in the world to make it weatherproof, but who knows...

Snowflake Punch Wreath

  • Variety of papers
  • Variety of punches (I used a 2" circle, a 1" circle, a 1.5"-ish scalloped circle punch, and the Martha Stewart snowflake punch)
  • Wreath (form)
  • Ribbon to hang your wreath (if desired)
  • Hot glue gun

The How To

First you want to gather your supplies and punch out your shapes in whatever colors you want. I went with blues and whites/neutrals and just made a big stack.
Then I just started gluing my punches around the wreath. I didn't follow any real pattern or rhythm or anything, but I sort of tried to just put the larger circles on the bottom and then the snowflakes on the top. I used this dollar store branch wreath (maybe it's about 8" or 10") and didn't cover the back because I wasn't worried about anyone seeing that part. So it looks sort of like this... (reference to awesome 90s movie and Celine Dion soundtrack optional)!
Then you just put your ribbon through the wreath and tie it. I then just tied a bow on the top so that it faced outwards. I'm not sure how other people get theirs to look so pretty, but that's how I did it. Unfortunately I didn't have that much of this blue polka dot ribbon left so the bow is smaller than I wanted, but I still like it. I'm pleased - it's cheap and easy and made use of my snowflake punch (which I otherwise felt a little silly purchasing). I'm thinking it's finished, but does anyone have any ideas for how to improve it? I feel like there might be something I could do to give it a bit more finished and shiny and pretty look... 

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Paper Garland Turned Curtain Tutorial

I was inspired by all the people in blogland creating fun stuff with their punches and then others with pretty paper garlands, so I decided to combine it to decorate this little door to my porch that just needed a little something. I love the result so much that I already started making one in green (St. Patty's Day/general spring, I guess), so here's a little tutorial for another cheap and easy project!

Paper Garland Curtain Tutorial


  • Variety of paper punches (I used a 2-inch scalloped circle punch, a 2-inch circle punch, a 1-inch circle punch, and a Martha Stewart snowflake punch)
  • Twine/string (and scissors to trim it, lighter and/or nail polish to stop the fraying of edges)
  • Adhesive dots or photo corners (some kind of adhesive)
  • Clothespins (to hang up your masterpiece)


  1. Pick your color(s) and theme, if you want one. Then start punching... I used light blue (with a tiny bit of light green) and some neutral colors, a mix of solid paper and patterns. Cut them in twos so that you have two (or four or six or eight, etc.) of each shape and color you want
  2. Measure the window or area you want your curtain to cover and cut your string accordingly. I left some extra string at one end so that I could wrap it around the window valence bar thing... and then I clipped it with some embellished clothespins I'd made (maybe another tutorial in the future?).
  3. Then start putting some adhesive on a pair of shapes (maybe 2 pale blue 1-inch circles, for example) and attach them to the string (one on each side). Keep going until you get to the end of the rope (haha) and make as many strings as you want to cover the window or area you picked out.
  4. I used the clothespins to clip my strings of paper garlands around the window bar - the arrows below point to the clothespins so you can see that aspect. 

And the finished product... 

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