Snowflake Punch Wreath

This little tutorial is much like the paper garland curtain... or at least it also makes use of my affinity for paper punches and easy home decor! I've just hung it inside because I'm not sure there's enough paper glaze in the world to make it weatherproof, but who knows...

Snowflake Punch Wreath

  • Variety of papers
  • Variety of punches (I used a 2" circle, a 1" circle, a 1.5"-ish scalloped circle punch, and the Martha Stewart snowflake punch)
  • Wreath (form)
  • Ribbon to hang your wreath (if desired)
  • Hot glue gun

The How To

First you want to gather your supplies and punch out your shapes in whatever colors you want. I went with blues and whites/neutrals and just made a big stack.
Then I just started gluing my punches around the wreath. I didn't follow any real pattern or rhythm or anything, but I sort of tried to just put the larger circles on the bottom and then the snowflakes on the top. I used this dollar store branch wreath (maybe it's about 8" or 10") and didn't cover the back because I wasn't worried about anyone seeing that part. So it looks sort of like this... (reference to awesome 90s movie and Celine Dion soundtrack optional)!
Then you just put your ribbon through the wreath and tie it. I then just tied a bow on the top so that it faced outwards. I'm not sure how other people get theirs to look so pretty, but that's how I did it. Unfortunately I didn't have that much of this blue polka dot ribbon left so the bow is smaller than I wanted, but I still like it. I'm pleased - it's cheap and easy and made use of my snowflake punch (which I otherwise felt a little silly purchasing). I'm thinking it's finished, but does anyone have any ideas for how to improve it? I feel like there might be something I could do to give it a bit more finished and shiny and pretty look... 

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