Snowflake Specimen Art

I feel like I'm justifying purchasing this snowflake punch with all these posts, but I really do love it and this is just more evidence of it!

I saw this Halloween specimen art post on Tatertots and Jello back around Halloween and absolutely loved it and have been trying to make something like it ever since... unfortunately I found a number of ways to not make this work or look cool, but I finally ended up with a version I do like - thanks again to my handy dandy snowflake punch...

And these Scotch 3-D foam squares. I actually ended up cutting each square into 4 smaller ones so they fit behind the main body of the snowflake and stayed hidden to create the magical 3-D/floating illusion like this... (I tried to take some pictures of the frame laying down on its side so you could kind of see the floating effect.)

I'm pretty pleased with the result. Good luck if you try to make this - practice finally made (almost) perfect (and so the final one took less than hour and was very inexpensive - a dollar store frame, paper I already owned, 3-D foam squares for about $3, a snowflake punch I already had and voila)!

I'm linking up to some of the fabulous linky parties on the conferences page here - adding code for all the individual parties became obscenely annoying so that kind of ended.

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  1. You and I are going to get along famously :)

    I'm also a scientist type (well that's what I studied but aI'm in insurance now :)) and I'm just getitng into crafts - I also love washi tape and anything with paper.

    And sadly, I bought an envelope punch and am also looking for ideas on things to do with it (seemed like a good idea at the time)


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