Lacerta: Green Yarn Wreath

I've been feeling a bit icky recently so I've fallen short of my posting goals... and haven't posted about the blog award yet, but that's happening soon, I swear!

However, I have a little project I've been working on. And I'm using a new naming system, inspired by Sara of Craft Snob (an amazing blog if you haven't seen it yet). She was wonderful enough to tell me a bit about how she selects names for her flowers and she uses women's names, but I wanted to do something a little more... science-y! So we're going with constellations! This isn't really what I do during the day, but it's fun and I'm going with it... so at least the wreaths are going to be named after constellations because I have a lot of them (and have been making them like crazy recently). So, allow me to introduce to you to Lacerta... the lizard! (Well, the wreath was green, lizards are green... it seemed like a good enough reason to name it... you can read about the constellation on Wikipedia here.)

Once again, Craft Snob flower tutorials came in handy... the flowers on this wreath are loosely based on the Delilah (the fabric flowers), the Olivia (the rose-like flowers), and the Pomela (the fringe flowers; which is also like the flowers I showed you all how to make here). They're all labeled here...

I loosely followed tutorials so mine are a little messier and definitely sometimes different, but you get the basic idea... here are a few close ups of the flowers too. And they're all on a fabulous yarn wreath - I wrapped the yarn around a straw wreath form that I left IN the plastic packaging.

I'm linking up to a few of my favorite conferences... if you have questions about any of this, let me know (in the comments or via email) and I'll try to answer it because I know this isn't really a full tutorial...

Also, I'm thrilled to tell you that Wendy from Craft Goodies featured my butterfly specimen art here (along with some really cute other projects that I'm flattered to be in the same entry with). Wendy's blog is super-cute too, so you should check it out!


  1. Oh, and I saw your link on A Glimpse Inside's "Catch A Glimpse Thursday" party & am now a follower of your blog. So you're working on a doctorate too, eh? Hopefully you're now running into my problem -- ignoring the dissertation in favor of crafts. Good luck!

  2. This is so great and I know the work that goes into the yarn wreaths and those flowers---are gorgeous! Love that you name your wreaths after constellations. Maybe I will learn something. haha
    Love your wreath!!!

  3. Ok, you are too cute with your future/ past research and conferences. Haha, I am getting a kick out of your blog. I became a follower because I feel I can get smarter on here. :) I was not a science or math person. Much more wrting, history. I majored in Journalism so not even close to science.

  4. Looks fabulous! Love the mix of all the flowers and all the fabrics you used. Great job! Thanks for linking up again this week.

  5. How cute! I love all the different fabrics!

  6. This is super cute! Love the all the green! Thanks for linking.

  7. I just love yarn wreaths, this is perfect for St. Pattie's day!!!

  8. this looks great. I have some yarn I bought on clearance and haven't done anything with...I think I see a wreath in my future.


  9. Love it! the mix of flower types really adds to it!

    I am visiting from Check me out Saturday! If you could check out my Button Boutonniere that would be great!

  10. Ooh, I love this wreath too! All the fun fabrics and textures are great!


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