{Preppy} Pyxis Argyle Wreath

I saw something like this on Etsy a million years ago (okay, a few months - obviously it's been sold, but you can still see it here) and couldn't find a tutorial for how to make one myself... but I loved it and I'm poor, so I decided I'd sacrifice myself and some of my materials to trying to create a tutorial for one and if I was lucky, I'd end up with something pretty cool at the end. And the I'm VERY excited to tell you that it didn't take me long or too many trials (and errors) in order to create something that I really REALLY like. I'm sure there are easier ways to do this and I know that the original used more diamond shapes rather than my felt squares, but I'm pretty thrilled with it...

As you look through this tutorial, there's more than one wreath starring in it... that's because I practiced with one and then I went back and took pictures the next time because I couldn't figure out how to photograph it all at first and then I did things slightly differently. I try to tell you if there are 2 good ways to do something or what I learned at each step though so you benefit from my trials and errors!

I named this one Pyxis because I liked the name and it made some alliteration as long as I called it a preppy wreath... and because Pyxis is actually a mariner's compass and somehow, I just thought that kind of fit. You can read about that constellation here (but promise you'll come back)!

  • Yarn-wrapped wreath (I recommend a straw wreath form one...)
  • Felt in your choice of coordinating colors (I've used 2 and 3 colors, it's up to you)
  • Straight pins
  • Some leftover yarn (from your wreath or in a coordinating color)
  • Scissors, ruler
I'm assuming you all know how to wrap a wreath in yarn (if not, there are about a billion tutorials out there including this one, but it's incredibly simple - you tie the yarn around the wreath and then wrap until you finally tie it at the end... takes a little while, but VERYYYYY easy), so I'm starting with a yarn-wrapped wreath. I used the straw wreath form and recommend that because I was able to stick the straight pins into it without too much effort and they held for as long as I needed them to and while I flipped the thing around and tried to figure out what I was doing...

Then, you want to grab one of your pieces of felt and cut a few squares. I had a 12-inch wreath and liked the way that 2" x 2" squares looked on it, so that's what I used.

But you can experiment with that sizing. And this is where you could make yours more diamond-shaped if you want. I started laying them out and for this wreath I originally wanted it to be yellow and gray because I'm kind of obsessed with that color combo recently (remember the old blog design?!), but as I laid it out, I wasn't crazy about it...

So I decided to go with a pale green felt instead (one of my other fave colors these days). I ended up with about 15 squares on this wreath (that I'm using for most of these pictures - and only 14 squares on the camo wreath that sneaks in a bit and only has 2 colors of felt... it was the learning wreath that I made first).

However, on both wreaths, I had to trim the squares down to make it fit (you can see in the pic above that the squares are overlapping and I didn't like that, thus the effort to make it fit) and not break the pattern anywhere. I'm sure there's a better way to do this, but since my squares weren't perfect anyways, I wasn't particularly worried... a little off the top, a little off the sides, and it works...

Then you want to grab your straight pins and start pinning the squares into place the way you laid them out and with the corners pointing towards the inside and outside of the wreath. I just used one straight pin at the top of the square and that was enough for me and for all of them to hold (the pins are located where the green arrows are pointing). I didn't push them all the way down because you'll take them out later.

Do this for all of your little felt squares...

Now you want to grab your yarn. I used leftovers from wrapping the wreath, but you can obviously use a coordinating color. I basically wrapped it through once and tied it, just like I was starting to wrap yarn on top of it again. I tucked that one piece under the felt (because it was only pinned in one place, it wasn't hard to do) and then I started wrapping diagonally (where the little green arrows are).

Basically, make one part of the "X" in the same direction across all of your squares so they look like the picture below (and ignore that I accidentally crossed the first "X" before taking this picture).

Then, when I got to the top of the wreath (or the first "X" I had made), I literally just wrapped the other way. I think that on one wreath, I tied the yarn around again and tucked it behind the felt like when I started, but on the one in the picture I didn't and it hasn't fallen apart, so I think you don't have to...

After you finish admiring the fact that I was talented enough to hold the wreath with my legs, take the picture with one hand, and hold the yarn with the other, you want to finish crossing your "X"s all the way around your wreath (like the green arrow shows you above).

Once you wrap and cross all the "X"s, you have the pretty argyle pattern shown above. Tie the yarn the way you'd finish wrapping a regular wreath.

On the camo wreath that I made first, I didn't remove the pins and was worried about what would happen if I did... but on the second gray one here, I figured I was taking a risk for the good of the craft community and so I'd take a leap and see what happened... and so I removed ALL the straight pins (gasp)... and...

The wreath didn't fall apart! If you want to remove your pins, I'd make sure the yarn is wrapped pretty tightly and tie it before removing any pins, but you can also just leave the pins in... they're still in my camo wreath!
I think it looks pretty good! Not sure where they're going to be displayed, but I'm pretty much thrilled that I was able to make it!

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  1. this looks great. my sister loves argyle. I might make one for her.

  2. Love this preppy look! I'll have to a summer bright one soon.. thanks for the tutorial.

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  5. Super cute!
    Shannon@ shannonandtonysclutteredcloset

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  9. that looks super cute and fun to make!

  10. Okay, I am in LOVE with this!!! I am definitely adding this to my list of things to make! I have taken on the task of making a wreath for every month this year. I will be adding an argyle one to my list FOR SURE! Thanks for the inspiration! I host a linky party on Thursdays called Thrilling Thursday. If you have time, come by this Thursday and link up! http://www.paisleypassions.blogspot.com

    ~Lori @ Paisley Passions

  11. Very cute and clever!


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    Thanks for sharing such an easy to understand tutorial. :)

    Tracy All Thumbs Crafts

  18. Oh my gosh I love these! I've always been a fan of funky argyle socks and now you tell me I can have this look on my front door? How fast can I make one? Thanks for the tutorial!

  19. Wow that looks so cool. I am definitely going to try this!

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    Found you on tidymom :)

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