Paint Chip Art

First, I have to confess that I love paint chips. Once when I was sick, the boyfriend went to the hardware store and got me a big stack of paint chips and I'm pretty sure that's the sweetest, most romantic thing ever. I just love them. And I collect them. And I collect ideas for what to make with them (I even have a Pinterest board dedicated just to paint chip projects), and this was one that I kind of based on some I'd seen, particularly this one. Since then, I've made lots and lots and lots of these... they're super-easy, basically free, and you can customize in so many different ways!

  • Carstock
  • Paper punch
  • Gluestick
  • Mod Podge (+ brush)
  • Lots of paint chips!
  • Dollar store frame
  • Scissors
For these projects, I used 1-inch and 2-inch circle punches, but you can use whatever size you'd like. First I cut the cardstock to the size I wanted to fit my frames. Then, I grabbed my paint chips in the desired color(s) - I've now made these in lots of different colors just because it's been really fun - mindless enough to do while watching TV, but still doesn't take too long.

Then just start punching out your circles. I avoided the labels and text on the paint chips, but that's just me... then I started to glue them onto my cardstock. You can see how I made the yellow to blue project in the second picture.

I overlapped them with each other a bit and made sure to cover the entire piece of cardstock (so that circles were hanging off the edge of the paper). (And yes, I did mess up something on the back of this paper... recycle, right?)

Just keep gluing the circles down in whatever way you want, until the cardstock is covered....

Then, you'll want to grab your mod podge... I used the glossy stuff because I just like it more than the matte finish, but that's just me. You just spread a thin layer across your entire paint chip & cardstock creation... unfortunately, I messed up in taking pictures and this is next picture is two steps ahead, but you just coat with mod podge. I applied multiple coats, but again, that's probably just because I'm neurotic and I doubt it makes a difference.

Looks kinda icky, but then it dries...

And after it dries, you'll want to flip over the cardstock and cut off the scalloped edges (the little paint chips that hang off the cardstock) so that you can fit your artwork into the frame! And then you have some beautiful artwork that cost almost nothing (a buck for the frame - you probably have the rest on hand)!

These were the first two I made...

Since then, I just wanted to play with paint chips and mod podge (my favorite crafting supplies) and so I've made quite a few of these... for various rooms and possibly (okay, definitely) as gifts!

They're all in various states of progress - I took all the pics at one time so some are un-Mod Podged and most are uncut so they still have the scalloped edges...
"Pretty in Pink"

"Lemon Yellow"

"Moody Blues"

"Mean Reds"

I actually really love this green one because I found the textured paint chips at Lowe's... for some reason, most of the textured paint chips were green, so I made another green one. I highly recommend throwing some of these textured ones in there, if you can get them to go through your punch without breaking it (which is not always easy)!
"Green with Envy"

All together now...

All in all, less than one hour for each (unless you go crazy with a giant one and use 1-inch circles) and practically free! 

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  1. These are so freakin' gorgeous!!!! I've made several paint chip creations, but none with circles like these. I just love these! You should sell them - just give em a cute, clever, science+arts type name and there ya go! I think these make super gifts! I think my faves are the really large one up top (yellow/blue/green) and the "Green with Envy" one. So mod and elegant. Would you be willing to guest post over at my blog with some of these? (I'm serious! - email me)
    Thanks for sharing! Laurie at Scene of the Grime

  2. Abso-frickin-fabulous! I have a ton of paint chips from my basic indecision on paint colors...and now I have the perfect way to repurpose them!

    Jill @ JunkyVagabond

  3. Oooh how cute, what a great use for all those paint chips I for some reason held on to from when we painted our house almost two years ago!

  4. These are really fun and so cute!!

  5. Cuuute! I picked up paint chips last weekend too... to try to figure out wedding colors =)

    -caroline @ c.w.frosting

  6. What a cute idea! Love it! This would be a great, large piece of 'art' for a room with a small budget. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Okay, that is too cool. I love it! I tried something similar once but . . . yours is WAY better than mine was ;-)

    Rachel @ Maybe Matilda

  8. very cool :)


  9. these would be cute to make as the background for a picture frame! Cute idea!

  10. i'm always in temptation to get as many as i can paint chips from the home depot! now i know what to do with my 'collection'!! :) love the effects!

  11. I love that idea! These are beautiful! Thanks for your sweet comment on my tutorial!
    Stopping by from

  12. I love paint chip crafts! thanks for posting

  13. This is beautiful and so unique. I love this and I think it is funny. I too, have a collection of paint samples and those books that have pics and are free too. I have gotten decorating ideas from them and keep them. I am with you, my crafting friend.
    lOve this.

  14. I collect paint chips too! My husband laughs, but I think he secretly admires my collection because when people ask me about colors he's always telling me to go get my folder. :)

    I've used the large chips to make letters for banners, but that's about it. This is clever. Thanks for sharing. (I found you on Blue Cricket.)

  15. Love it!! I'd love for you to link up!!

  16. Looks good! Thanks for linking to my project!

  17. Darling idea! I love paint chips too and am always collecting them for projects. This would make a great background for a photo and with help a child could make one too! Thanks for sharing!!

  18. I must confess that I'd be afraid of getting in trouble if I stocked up on paint chips with no intention of buying any paint! Yeah, I'm a wimp ;)

    I'm here with fun news tonight! Stop by my blog to vote for yourself - you've been nominated for my Best in Show award!! :)

  19. OMG!!! i simply love this...These paint chips are the color templates u get to color ur walls right? if m not mistaken..M a biiiig 'colorful' fan and I simply loved ur style and ur creation. Will try it soon as I get ova wid my exams:) My mY...I feel so amazing looking at ppl's stuff...there are soo many beautiful ideas out there..which inspire and bring smiles on there's faces:) btw what's Mod Podge? Here's my blog: hv a look weneva u have some time to spare:)

  20. Love this idea- I have collected paint chips from 8 years ago i Haven't used and don't want to get rid of. I thin I will try this- ironically I saw the first 2 or 3 and decided to pin them to my Pinterest and then read your comment about your interest categories.

  21. So easy, and so so so great. I am a bit gunshy of collecting paint chips (I'm a total square and follow the rules about only taking the ones I need), but it looks like this project doesn't require that many really. Yep, going in my to-do list.

  22. I love paint chip art! looks very cute :)

    Thanks for linking up to Your Whims Wednesday!

  23. AMAZING! I am going to feature this! Thanks so much for linking up to Handmade Tuesdays @ Ladybug Blessings!

  24. These are fantastic!! I can't decide on a favorite. What a neat idea for personal art.

  25. I love that! Its soo cool and so creative! What a great mind you have.

  26. You were featured at Craft Envy!

  27. The colors are so vibrant! Love it :) Thanks for linking this awesome post at the Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop. It's a great Mothers' Day present for me :)

  28. Love this! Makes a great piece of decor.

  29. So flippin cute! I just can't believe it. I am totally going to make one. Thanks for sharing.

  30. I toasted you today!! Come grab a button!!

  31. This is so fun! Love it!


  32. That is so ridiculously aweome! I really love every single piece you created. Paint chip art is not new, but the simple factthat yours comes in circles and pretty much all colours of the most psychedelic rainbow I could ever imagine is enough to make me want to decorate at least 3 rooms with it. If not four, but I think it would be wasted in the privy ^^

  33. These turned out fabulous! I'm featuring you in my Flaunt it Friday features, stop by and grab an "I was featured" button if you'd like. Thanks for linking Flaunt it Friday! :)

  34. wow! so pretty! and congratulations! you have been chosen as one of this week's top picks! votation will start today!

  35. I love this! Thanks for linking up to my party. I just featured your project! :)

  36. You are featured this week at "Anti-Procrastination Tuesday" @ New Nostalgia! Thank you so much for linking up! Hope to see you again this week.

  37. Incredible. You did an amazing job creating all these different projects. I love the circles, they just give it such texture, that the squares can't do.

    Saw you over at scene of the grime. :)

    You have an amazing pinterest board too, what GREAT inspiration. I'm all over that girl, love pinterest.

    I'd love to invite you to link this up. Stop by anytime to say hello!!!
    Bella :)**AMAZE ME AUGUST** @ Bella Before and After

  38. Your paint chip art, is gorgeous!

    I'm working on a post for TLC's Parentables. I will be compiling ideas of things you can make with paint chips. May I have your permission to use one of your photos and link to this post?

    Brittany (aka Pretty Handy Girl)

  39. So cool! I pinned this on pinterest!

  40. Wow! Love these paint chips and the creativity and art you had formed out of them. Great and crafty DIY, eh.

    Thanks for sharing,
    Cathy@lab coat

  41. These are very beautiful wall art made up from recycled paper. This just gave me an idea to transform my mounting paper clutter at home and in the office and turn them into something pretty as this. Thanks for the inspiration.

    shredding services in orange county la

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  43. this is SO pretty and fun. I'd like to do this directly onto a (smaller) wall in my apartment as an accent wall. Do you have any suggestions about what type of adhesive and sealant I should use?

  44. Very cute idea! Thanks for sharing.

    I actually just made myself some paint chip art this week! You can check it out here if interested:

    Thanks -all the best,


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