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I guess it depends on how we define "news" here... but inspired by my truly nerdy roots, I have some blog-related goals for myself this summer and the main one is to grow! [I'm not teaching anything this summer so I should - in theory - have a bit more time to devote to blogging... cross your fingers!] I'm hoping that I can grow this little blog and maybe even make a little money - if only to pay for the domain name, photo hosting site pro membership, and even a craft or two! Along those lines, I'm working on the PR/Advertising tab that you see on most big crafty blogs and hopefully I'll have at least an initial draft up soon (and I'll post about my resources and what I used to do that whenever I do that), but one thing I was inspired by already was the button swap!

I was exploring examples of PR/Advertising sites, particularly among some of the newer blogs I follow and love, and I saw that The Gunny Sack offers a button swap! Basically, you swap blog buttons and give each other some publicity for FREE! So I emailed the lovely ladies there and to my great delight, they said YES! So, if you check out my sidebar, there is now a button for The Gunny Sack. If you haven't already checked out this blog, you really should - there are some amazing posts and these ladies seriously post so many amazing projects that it blows my mind!

I got some advice from a blogger I really admire recently and she reminded me to only put up information about or links to sources and places that I really like and believe in and I'm thrilled to say that I truly love this blog! Seriously, today's post was an edible school bus snack [for kids... or the young at heart!] WITH a cartoon illustration for how to do it (that kind of reminds of Hyperbole and a Half)!

If you would like to become a bloggy BFF (that's what I'm calling my button swap partner for now - any suggestions?), please email me at I'd love to do more of these and find out how you all plan to or have already grown your blogs and gotten started with the PR/Advertising stuff!


  1. The idea of a button swap! I have lots of blog I love but don't want to have 100 buttons in my sidebar. I'm emailing you now!

  2. Mel, my Yahoo is freaking out this morning, so I can't email you back! I just wanted to let you know that I got your button up on my blog, and I'll email you later when Yahoo stops acting all crazy! :)

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog! :) I love you design! :) It is encouraging you are a crafter and earning your Ph.D. I have about 3 semesters left of my undergrad and would like to pursue a Ph.D. in psychology! I need some good encouragement! Also I love that you send packages to your friend in the Army. I send stuff quite a bit because I live near Ft. Hood and have LOTS of friends and acquaintances over seas.

  4. Love, love, love the idea!!



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