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Since I started blogging I have had the pleasure to "meet" some AMAZINGLY crafty and talented ladies and today I'm so excited to share one of my favorites with you! Meet Ashley (or Ash) of Evelyn Kate Designs - she's one of those ridiculous talented multi-tasking mommy bloggers with a business AND graphic design talent... oh, and she's a scientist! You know, one of those incredibly talented people that you want to hate because she's so on top of so many things, but you can't, because she's SO sweet AND willing to share her talent with you? Yup, she's one of those!

Today, I'm going to feature a couple of her projects that I personally love and think you will too! (And by the way, she's a new blogger - she just started in February of this year and she already has all of these projects so I can hardly wait to see what else she makes!)

I first discovered Miss Ash's blog because she shared a blogging calendar printable that I jumped all over... I know I'm not the most organized blogger, but trust me, this printable has definitely improved my planning already (you don't even want to imagine where I'd be without it)!
If you want one of your very own, you can download it for FREE(!!!) here. (I told you - she's so generous with her creativity, you have to love her!)

Maybe you all are getting ready for July 4th now (assuming you're more organized than me and start these things more than 10 minutes in advance)? Well, check out this amazing yarn and canvas flag! I love this - you could make it with stuff you have on hand (unless you wanted to be super-fancy and find some stars) and it's more unique than the yarn wreath I tend to make by default!
I love the idea of textured, 3-D wall art like this that would amaze your house guests (and not just look pretty in pictures)! You can find the tutorial for her flag art here.

Speaking of house guests, anyone throwing a party? If so, you've got to check out her projects to help you put together amazing paper goods and decorations! Last week she shared AMAZING printables she used for her daughter's birthday party, but trust me, these are not ordinary kid birthday things - there are also bridal versions of the "event-specific" printables. My favorites have to be these cupcake wrappers and toppers you can download for FREE!
And for full "let's make Martha jealous" impact, Ash made these gorgeous tissue paper pom poms for the party! You can find the tutorial here so you can make your own!

Seriously, there is so much awesomeness at Evelyn Kate Designs that I had major troubles picking out just a couple of projects to feature... she has a tutorial to help you make your own amazing Ballard wall art knock off using paper + canvas + paint + mod podge, as well as a printable weekly cleaning schedule you can download for free, and a tutorial to help you make your own pinwheel card!

Go check out Ashley at Evelyn Kate Designs to see all the projects I didn't feature here, download everything you need to be a crafty, organized goddess, and wait for the awesome projects yet to come!

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  1. Going to check out her blog right now!

    Oh...and I finally posted a button on my blog...although it's not one about crafting! =)


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