Light Box!

Not too long after I posted this morning about the sad state of my laptop, I got some good news - it's been resurrected! Somehow the lovely folks at Apple decided to repair it even though it was past the warranty point and I got charged almost nothing and I'm happily typing away on my old MacBook Pro (the other love of my life). So I put together this little post about a project from (more than) a month (or so) ago...

When I got the new awesome camera, I demanded that the boyfriend make me a little lightbox so that I could have awesome pictures for the blog (it's like a little photostudio! just for me!) and so he followed this tutorial I found from Michele of The Scrap Shoppe.

The is a view of the end:

This is a look down on the lightbox (so sort of a view from the top):

And a view of the inside of the box (where you put your fabulous craft or whatever you want to take the picture of):

I highly HIGHLY recommend this project - I think it's really improved the quality of my photos!

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  1. OOOO! Awesome idea! Will have to get the hubby on this one.....

  2. Fabulous, Mel! I love your rectangular version. Thanks so much for the shoutout!!

  3. I recently made one too! What are you using for your lamp? I am having problems with what should be the simplest thing, the lighting.....are your photos turning out well?

  4. what a great idea, Mel! thanks for sharing this with us! hope you have a fab weekend...


  5. This is a great idea. I use a white sheet drapped over a sofa.


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