Guest Post at Someday Crafts!

It's for realsies this time, I swear! To guarantee that, I'm linking to the actual post HERE. Sorry about that, if any of you had issues... and I'm extra sorry about putting it out there to the Triberr world.

Anyways, I'm thrilled to announce that I'm sharing a brand new tutorial over at Someday Crafts while Michelle is on bloggy maternity leave (this is kind of ridiculous happy dance and stomach butterflies time I'm so giddy). I'm seriously crazy excited about this because this little jewelry technique/trend has been tons of fun for me and with a few supplies, it's turned into lots of awesome presents for people (including myself)!

And if you somehow hadn't quite seen Someday Crafts, I highly encourage you to check it out - it really is such an awesome blog and with all the guest posts over there recently, there have been some AMAZING ideas and tutorials (and I'm crazy-flattered to be in such great company)!

Guest Post... Soon!

So I'm really excited to tell you that I have an awesome guest post that will be going up soon... I'm not sure exactly when it'll go up (I thought it already went up - oops!), but stay tuned!

EDIT: I believe it will be going up on Sunday... sorry I'm kind of a mess these days, but it's a pretty awesome tutorial if I do say so myself!

The Crafty Scientist Club Linky!

I'm absolutely beyond thrilled and excited and overjoyed to report that there was actually interest in the crafty scientist button and other crafty scientists out there who wanted to display the smarty-pants artist button! AND, thanks to the amazing Caroline at c.w. frosting, there's now a blog hop/linky list for you to add yourself to... basically, I was going to add your button or text link if you displayed this button, but now there's a list you can add yourself to! And if you don't have a button, but want your text link displayed, you can still email it to me ( if you want it displayed!

get the InLinkz code

Need help? Email us:

craftingscientist AT gmail

cwfrosting DOT by DOT caroline AT gmail

Basically, the bottom line is that if you are a crafty scientist, you should display the smarty-pants artist button (below and on the sidebar) and then add yourself to this linky list and support fellow crafty scientists on the list! The list will always be on my peers page, but I'm also including it in this post so you can easily add yourself now if you want!

If you have any other ideas for this little crafty scientist club, I'd love to hear them!

Yellow Chevron Frame + {Free} Printable!

I had a lot of fun making this little project - it was a make it all up as you go along kind of thing. Basically, I had the frame from a million years ago and I wanted to do something with it and I've been loving chevron stuff... and I've always loved yellow and quotes so this just sort of combined lots of things I love!

And if you want to make your own, you can download the quote and print it out yourself (for free)!
  • Yellow and white paint (+ paintbrush, palette)
  • Free Billie Monster printable found here
  • Free "Lemon" printable you can download below
  • Paint-able frame
  • X-acto knife
  • Yellow glitter (glue)
  • Yellow rhinestones (+ adhesive)
Grab all your supplies and printables and paint your entire frame white, using as many coats as you need until you get the solid white coat you want. Then cut out your chevron pattern from the BillieMonster printable (and maybe leave her some comment love to tell her how much you like the printable)! Use your template (found here at Billie Monster) to paint yellow chevron pattern-y "stripes" on your frame. I used acrylic paint from Hobby Lobby because that's just what I had and it worked with my wooden frame. 

I started at the top and just painted through the template and then moved it down as I painted more and more... this method resulted in some messiness and I had to go back and cover up some mistakes, but I was impatient and this way was what came to mind... 

After you get all your yellow chevrons in painted, you can go back with your white paint and fix any paint you smeared. After I finished all this, I was thinking about what to put in my new frame, but it was so busy that I just wasn't sure... 

And eventually I just decided that I would make my own. I love quotes and think this one is pretty funny and I knew the lemons would go with the paint, so this is what I whipped up...
(This image is original size and you can click on it and then click "Save as" to save it to your computer and then print it out and have your own! I've also uploaded it to Scribd here, but for some reason, the program keeps re-sizing this to 8.5 x 11-inches and obviously that distorts the quote... but maybe you can re-size it and get it to look right, but I recommend just getting it here/from Photobucket and let me know if you have problems - I can always just send it! And, as always, it's really the polite thing to do to become a follower if you download it!)

This quote was still a little plain after I made it so I grabbed some rhinestones and yellow glitter glue and had some more fun...

I put the glitter glue into the dots in the word "tequila" and then I put some rhinestones on the little stars above the word "lemons" (note the arrows directing you below). 

Let it all dry and pop that pretty new quote into your frame and voila! A fun, cheery little work of art (that I made entirely with stuff I had on hand and nothing all that expensive anyways)!

As always, if you make something with the printable or inspired by this post, I'd absolutely LOVE to see it! (Seriously, I'm not just saying that - I really genuinely love to see stuff like that and I'd love to feature it here!)

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Calling All Crafty Scientists!

Recently I've gotten quite a few comments and emails telling me that some of you guys are crafty scientists too... so after I finished my excited responses and squeals, I realized that I should make a button for all of you out there to show off how talented you are! I couldn't decide on the exact wording and hopefully this doesn't offend anyone, but I thought the world should know how talented you guys all are because I think it's still kind of unusual to see more science-y people with creative sides! So, if you want, please take a button to display and let the world know you're a smarty-pants with a creative side!

And, I'm not sure what I'm going to do, but if you display a button, email me ( and let me know. I'm thinking that maybe the "Peers" page can also be a little directory of crafty scientists and so if you email me to tell me you have the button and send me the code for your button, I'll display it and you can check out the other crafty scientists out there! (And let me know if you have another idea.... that's just what I can come up with for now!)

Update: I decided that the button was a little small, so here's a newer, slightly bigger one that you can use, if you want!

Paint Chip Monogram

Since I made the first paint chip art, favorite boyfriend has been asking why I didn't use the paint chips to spell something or make some kind of pattern or design. So I finally got around to making something less abstract from the paint chips. The process is basically the same as the original project, but with obvious alterations... I'm sure it's no surprise to you that I went with the monogram!

  • Paint chips 

  • Paper punch (1-inch circle)

  • Cardstock

  • Pencil

  • X-acto knife

  • Gluestick (one that dries clear)

  • Mod Podge (and brush)

  • Picture frame (mine was another Dollar Store gem)

  • Stencil in desired shape

  • Like the first project, you want to punch out a bunch of paint chip circles. You also want to cut your cardstock to fit your frame. I also traced my "M" onto both the front and the back of the cardstock (in the same place - basically you need the letter on the back so that you can cut the letter out and you want it on the front so you don't necessarily have to cover the area to be cut out with paint chips). Then you basically grab your gluestick and start pasting circles over the front of the cardstock up to and including the borders of your letter. 

    You can kind of see the outline of the "M" in that photo. After that, you want to use your X-acto knife to trim the edges so that your art fits into the frame. Basically, you want all the edges to look like that left edge in the photo above. 

    Then, you want to flip over your art and trim out the pattern. Then you want flip it back over and Mod Podge the whole front. I used glossy finish because I just like it.

    Now it's just a matter of framing your art! I wanted the frame to be "backless" - like in my July 4th Sparkly Blue Star Art project - and so I pasted this thing into the frame directly. Basically, I mostly used my gluestick to put some glue around the front edges of the project where it would be covered by the frame. However, there were still some little points that weren't laying flat so I dabbed a little bit more glue on those places...

    And voila! New pretty wall art for almost no money!

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    Puppy Problems

    I've been fairly absent from the blog world recently - posting a tutorial for a project I made a month or so ago because I've barely had a minute to myself - because little Miss Bella has had some health problems. Luckily, she's mostly better and back to her old self, but it was a disgusting, stressful, and very sad few days here at the casa de crafty scientist!

    I had big plans for this past weekend because favorite boyfriend was out of town for work stuff and so I got both puppies to myself, which is somewhat rare (but exciting) and so, like any good parent, I had a list of bribes and fun things planned... (I apologize in advance, but these are all cell phone pics!)

    It started off well - a Coke icee! - but then Miss Bella got sick (trust me, you do NOT want any more details about it, but I wouldn't wish it on anyone!) and it was days until she could go to the vet and have them do work on her and clean her up, but I had to keep her confined for the better part of a few days...

    I was hoping for and expecting more of this...

    And I even expected some of this (note that Max is ON the pillows... apparently the big bed is just not comfy enough for Mr. Delicate).

    And this was his response to my suggestion that he just sleep on the comforter...

    But Miss Bella was mostly dealing with this...

    We used the plastic from one of those giant poster frames to keep her in a corner with her toys, bed, food and water, puppy pads, etc. I felt pretty terrible and she was a sad sight, so she got to come out and play for little bits of time...

    But she had to wear a little homemade diaper... she went through a variety of fashions, but they never really stayed on for all that long. But she did get back to her perky self and barely stayed still for me to get a picture - she was swinging her hedgehog around in the picture I finally got!

    But, luckily, both puppies are doing well now and back to their usual places on the couch (at least for awhile)...

    Bella likes to perch on the back of the couch, kind of like a cat... I think it's so she can think about jumping on to Max's back to ride him around like a pony. So far, she hasn't made too many jumps, but I think she's dreaming about it...

    So all is (almost) right in the world here!

    Framed Papercut Gift

    I think the subtitle of this project should be something along the lines of "How I almost cut off a finger and cried at CVS," but I'm not sure that's quite catchy enough. And that's not really fair. When I started this project, I had something pretty different in mind, but then everything went wrong. Multiple times.

    Originally, this was going to be a frame with pretty pictures of letters to spell out "DAD" (it was a Father's Day present), but then the frame I ordered came in cracked and almost cost me a finger and then the pictures were printed incorrectly (multiple sizes and off-center) the first time and then just off-center the second time (at a different place entirely).  But the end result is actually a project that I am VERY pleased with - I genuinely thought it looked really pretty and I was pretty darn proud of myself for coming up with it using what I had...

    • Collage photo frame (with enough openings for whatever you're spelling)
    • Photos with letters to spell out whatever you want
    • X-acto knife
    • Roll on glue dots/ gluestick/ sticky corners
    • Ruler/measuring tape
    • Pen
    • Cardstock
    • Foam squares/ circles
    • Tape
    • Ink, stuff to decorate the cardstock letters

    I started with the pictures I had that were off-center and kind of weird looking - they were 5x7" and the frame was fit for pictures that size. I measured it and used a regular pen and lightly marked off each half inch on the back of the picture...

    I knew I was going to cut at those little marks, so I also numbered the strips so that I could put them back together in the right order with minimal time... you can see the little marks at the half-inch measures highlighted by the colored circles and the numbers in the photo below.

    Then you just cut at the tick marks and put the picture back together with little spaces between the strips. 

    You'll end up with a bit of photo that doesn't fit into the frame (because your photo was the exact size of the frame opening), but I just cut mine off. I used the tape dot roller to attach the photo to the cardstock because that's just what I use when I paste down photos for scrapbooking, but you can use whatever... And you end up with letters like this: 

    And this:

    And now, like every project I just sort of make up as I go along, this is where I just sort of played around and there's not necessarily one step-by-step process... basically, I outlined the height and width of the photo outline (in this case, 5" x 7") and then I drew a letter that I wanted to end up on top of the photo. At first, I only had the letter attached to the sort of frame of paper on two sides, but that wasn't very sturdy, so the other two letters are attached to the frame on all four sides. 

    Then, you cut out the letters... the letter looked a little plain so I got out some ink pads and covered them in blue ink because that was the color I was trying to use as a theme for this project. Then, I wanted a sort of 3-D effect, so I used a couple of different things. I had some styrofoam squares and circles from making specimen art and I attached those to the back of the letters. I also tried some wooden disks and then some coiled up paper. I'm not really sure which I'd recommend - I had to stack everything and none seemed all that sturdy. But the paper coils are cheapest so I might go with that (since the more expensive, specific stuff isn't any better). 

    You can see the various options all on the back of the letter above and this is one of the letters that I had "attached" to the frame on all 4 sides. After you get your sticky 3-D stuff on there, just flip it over and place on top of your striped photo. From there, it's very simple. Just tape to the back of your matting/frame...

    And repeat.

    Here's the finished product before it went into the frame...

    And here it is in the frame!

    I absolutely loved it when it was done... from something that was a complete and total disaster to something that I think is pretty unique! I think my dad liked it too - he already hung it up over his dresser so I was pretty excited! 

    All in all, the frame was the only part that cost much and luckily, I had coupons for it at Michael's. The photos were from Shutterfly and CVS and so they were pretty inexpensive and everything else I had on hand. Because I played around with this, I'm not totally sure how long it really takes (if you have a plan), but probably closer to 2 hours than 3. I made this for Father's Day, but it could work for moms or anyone (the only problem would be finding a frame with room for 7 letters if you wanted to spell out something big, but you could always use multiple frames). I'm thinking about making one for my place because I honestly loved this one so much!

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