Puppy Problems

I've been fairly absent from the blog world recently - posting a tutorial for a project I made a month or so ago because I've barely had a minute to myself - because little Miss Bella has had some health problems. Luckily, she's mostly better and back to her old self, but it was a disgusting, stressful, and very sad few days here at the casa de crafty scientist!

I had big plans for this past weekend because favorite boyfriend was out of town for work stuff and so I got both puppies to myself, which is somewhat rare (but exciting) and so, like any good parent, I had a list of bribes and fun things planned... (I apologize in advance, but these are all cell phone pics!)

It started off well - a Coke icee! - but then Miss Bella got sick (trust me, you do NOT want any more details about it, but I wouldn't wish it on anyone!) and it was days until she could go to the vet and have them do work on her and clean her up, but I had to keep her confined for the better part of a few days...

I was hoping for and expecting more of this...

And I even expected some of this (note that Max is ON the pillows... apparently the big bed is just not comfy enough for Mr. Delicate).

And this was his response to my suggestion that he just sleep on the comforter...

But Miss Bella was mostly dealing with this...

We used the plastic from one of those giant poster frames to keep her in a corner with her toys, bed, food and water, puppy pads, etc. I felt pretty terrible and she was a sad sight, so she got to come out and play for little bits of time...

But she had to wear a little homemade diaper... she went through a variety of fashions, but they never really stayed on for all that long. But she did get back to her perky self and barely stayed still for me to get a picture - she was swinging her hedgehog around in the picture I finally got!

But, luckily, both puppies are doing well now and back to their usual places on the couch (at least for awhile)...

Bella likes to perch on the back of the couch, kind of like a cat... I think it's so she can think about jumping on to Max's back to ride him around like a pony. So far, she hasn't made too many jumps, but I think she's dreaming about it...

So all is (almost) right in the world here!


  1. oh mel, my heart seriously broke reading the title. my poor pup has been through so much, i understand how hard and sad it is to see them so pathetic :( i hope lil bella heals and the vet gives her all the good meds quickly! and i hope you are doing ok..looks like youve had quite the messes to clean up, been there done that and i dont envy you! good luck!

    keep us posted on bella :)

  2. Oh yay, happy to find you, i'm a pharmacologist who has made a handmade living from sewing at home for the past decade. My husband is a soldier in Afghanistan (noted your best friend inspired you to sew pretty things) & yes, he has the prettiest laundry bag at his unit!! Hope your puppies get well soon, love Posie

  3. Poor pup. We need an update. I see through twitter she's still not 100%. I've been missing your blog posts too.


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