Your Science Experiments

I've mentioned a couple of times that I really love seeing projects that you guys make that are in any way inspired by stuff you see here. However, I hadn't been sure what I wanted to do about those posts of yours - that is, I love seeing them and I wanted to include them on the blog somehow, but I wasn't sure how.

What I've come up with (and made a little button for!) is "Your Science Experiments" and I think that I'll show you a picture of each one that you all send me and provide a link to the post where you can find more pictures and information about the project along with your blog button (if you have one). If you don't have a blog, but just send me the pictures, I'll still post them and give you credit or a link back to your Pinterest site or whatever you'd like!

I'll list them all somewhere - maybe on the Past Research page which I've continued to play with recently. I'll tag them all with Stuff You've Made and Your Science Experiments so you can find them easily. And feel free to take a featured button then if you want one.

If anyone has any ideas or thoughts about this, please let me know! I'm thinking there aren't really tons of projects out there so I can feature them one by one, but if it becomes too much work, then maybe I'll save them up and post a couple at a time. So if you have made anything inspired by a project here, please send me the link/info/pictures whatever! (And if you don't want to be featured, just tell me that - I really just want to see the project!)

Also, I know there are people who have told me about projects in the past, but if you wouldn't mind, please send me another email... I thought I'd dug up most of these little notes, but I'm not sure that I found them, so I just want to be sure I include everyone!

Email me at and get ready to see some GORGEOUS projects!


  1. I just posted mine before I even saw this - too funny! :)

  2. I just saw a paint chip framed art on Tatertots & Jello today that seemed very inspired by you. :)


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