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As promised yesterday, Lelanie from To Sew With Love is sharing a tutorial here! I'm so excited for you all to see this and check out her blog because she's seriously one of the nicest bloggers I've "met" or talked to and she's been such an amazing supporter of this little blog! Plus, she is sharing a tutorial that is so awesomely nothing I could ever share... (that makes me really wish I knew how to sew)!

Hi, everyone. I am Lelanie and with my sister Laarnie and my high school friend Lhorie, we make up the "L"adies behind the blog

To Sew With Love

We are really excited to be guest-posting today for Mel, our crafty scientist bloggie buddy. Lovelies, I am so sorry if you won't have your dose of Mel's craftiness today as we will be invading her space today ^^) Thanks, Mel, for this opportunity to meet your readers.

So, we are three "L"adies and we are separated geographically-speaking. I am based in Spain, Laarnie in Japan while Lhorie is in China. But the blogosphere created a bridge so we can all connect and bring this blog to life ^^)
We love to sew, especially for our kids. On Lhorie's case, that would be sewing for her pup ^^)
We also love, support and promote everything handmade.

We hold a weekly link-up party where you could share your fabulous projects.

We also hold a monthly fun contest where you get to choose and vote for your most favorite craft project of the month.

We also host some fabulous giveaways sponsored by really lovely handmade shops.(Who doesn't love handmade!)

And of course, we post lots of tutorials. Recently, we've shared these tutorials:

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Diaper and Wipes Purse/Holder 

30-minute Little Boy's Messenger Bag Tutorial

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and many more!

And today, I am sharing with you a quick tutorial for a Reversible LeapPad Sling Bag.

the fabrics were chosen by my Princess ^^)

This bag has room enough for two LeapPads though my kids are sharing the one that they have ^^)

You can adjust the measurements to fit a Kindle, a LeapPad Explorer, or any tablet.

You will need:
4 pcs. main body, 2 pcs. for each fabric: 
26 cms. x 18.5 cms.

Pocket pieces (2 for each fabric):
26 cms. x 14 cms.

Strap: I used a linen bias fabric 
2 pcs. 46.5 cms. x 4 cms.

buttons, elastic band (for hair), lace, ribbons, etc. for embellishment

stabilizer for each fabric piece (optional)

Let's start with the pockets.

Get 2 of your pocket fabrics (same print), with right sides facing together sew together your pieces by sewing straight stiches on both longer sides of your fabric piece. Turn your pocket.
Topstitch on the top side of your pocket. I have sewn on some ready-made pompoms while topstitching.

Pin your pocket in place, on top of your main body piece. I pinned my pocket 1.5" away from the bottom of my main body piece. Sew your pocket on your main body piece by sewing straight stitches on the bottom side of your pocket. Sew on the sides of the pocket with basting stitches (no need to backtrack). 

Since my kid's LeapPad is still powered with normal batteries, I have decided to divide the pockets into two where the batters should fit on one of the pockets.

Get the remaining main body fabric and pin both main body fabric together, right sides facing together. Sew straight stitches 1/4" away from edge of the sides and bottom part of the fabric. You can then sew zigzag stitches to avoid fraying of the fabric. 

Sew straight stitches on each bottom side edge of your bag. I think, I have sewn mine 1" away from the tip. You can make yours deeper by sewing it let's say 1.5"-2" away from the tip. Cut the tip.

So, now we have finished one side of our reversible bag.

Repeat the same steps for the other fabric so you'll have two of them.
I decorated the pocket of other side of the bag with a ribbon and satin bow decorated with  small faux pearl bead. 

Since I wanted my straps to be quite strong, I have sewn together the linen piece. But then, I have decided to decorate one side of it with ricrac ribbon.

Now, le't assemble our bag. Pin your strap in place on one of the bags and sew a basting stitch to fix the straps on the fabric.

Place on bag inside of the other, right sides facing together.

Do not forget to pin your elastic band in place. You can also use a sewn bias tape as a fabric loop. Pin as necessary.

Make sure your top edges are aligned. Sew straight stitches 1/4" away from the top edge. Do not forget to leave 2" unsewn so you can turn your bag later.
I have also sewn zigzag stitches all around the top edge.

Turn your bag inside out.


I have hand-sewn fabric buttons on each side of the bag.

I have also made a decorative brooch from what has remained of the other fabric and decorated it with a heart applique, some satin ribbon, lace, faux pearl beads and a resin rose bead and filled it with some polyfill.
The back part of this brooch is felt.
A few days later, I have decided to sew take out the brooch pin and have sewn it in place on the strap.

My kids loved it so much. I have used girly fabrics since it would be my Princess who would always be carrying it around ^^)

I hope you liked our tutorial. Do visit our blog for more of them.
And thanks, Mel, for inviting us over your cozy space. We really had fun!

Have a lovely day, everyone!



My pleasure, Lelanie! Yet another project that makes me wish I could sew... aren't her kids lucky to get such awesome little presents?! LOVE it! : )

(And if you're still in the mood for awesome crafty stuff, I'm guest posting over at To Sew With Love today sharing another fun monogram project I made for my sister's new apartment!)


  1. Hey Mel!
    This is fantastic...I'm headed on over to check out the "l" ladies blog right now! Some of the pics aren't coming up for me...not sure if it's just on my end? But thought I would let you know! :)

  2. That is a lovely guest post.. and a great tutorial..


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