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I realized recently that the tabs or pages on the blog are a little confusing because I've tried to give them all a "science-y" flair. Since I try to make sure that everything is easy to find, I decided to put together a little blog tour. Mostly it's for people new to the blog who haven't already explored everything, but you might still want to check it out... after all, I think it's pretty (and pretty awesome)!

The tour is now the second page on the menubar and there will be a link to it on the new little welcome message above the blog entries from now on... And here's the bulk of the content so you can tell me what you think!

The second choice on the menubar, after "Home", is The Scientist... if you want to know about me (Mel, the crafty scientist!) and the fur babies (Max and Bella), you can visit this page for information. Think of it as an "About Me" page!

The next choice is Conferences. Since you're in my little science-y world, this is what I call link parties! You can visit this page for a giant list of the link parties I try to visit each week.

The Past Research page is like a visual library of all the other awesome content on the blog... you'll find polaroids that link to all the tutorials I've put up here, as well as picture and text links to each post in a series - like all the posts I've done where I've photographed my adventures, all the recipes I've shared, the pretty palettes I've loved, etc. These lists are more than just a search by tag - they are labeled so that you can go directly to the dark blues palette post or the baby chicks post... because who wants to search when you know what you want?!

These are some of the kinds of posts you'll find...

I'm a list-maker. I love to make lists of everything. All the time. For any reason at all. I'd say the Future Research is a pretty good example of that - it's a list of the projects I really, really want to do! (And a few I've crossed off, but hadn't turned into tutorials yet...)

I couldn't really think of anything science-y to name the Featured page, but this is a big list of places I've been featured - all the fancy buttons - with links back to the location of the actual features on other blogs!

The Sources page has buttons from some of my most favorite blogs, my main sources of inspiration, if you will!

The Peers page is a source of more inspiration... but this big list of buttons is only for those people who display a crafty scientist button! If you display a crafty scientist button, let me know and I'll add your button here! This page also contains the "official" crafty scientist link party. So, if you have a craft blog and you're a scientist, please add your button to this link party (it never ends)!

The PR and Advertising page has details about advertising here on the blog and my disclosure statement. So if you want to do a button swap or giveaway, visit this page to find out how!

If you want to get on the peers page or get a shiny new button like the one below, you can grab a button (and the code) from the Badges page... it's supposed to be like the buttons and tags you get at a conference, thus it's badges!

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  1. I absolutely LOVE your blog girlie! All your buttons and things are just so cute! It's so nice and easy on the eyes. And all the project ideas you have or have done--we're craft-sisters-separated-at-birth bahaha! :) I'm going to put your button on my blog. I just got a new one, come peek (I think it's so cute!). Have a great weekend!


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