Guest Post: Laurie of Scene of Sublime

I'm SOOO excited to have Laurie here today to share a tutorial with you guys! Her blog is so cute and she's so sweet - one of my first blog friends!  Yesterday we had the interview and at least one of us got an idea for the next amazing thing to order at Sonic and today we have an awesome project....

Hi there! I'm Laurie and I blog at Scene of Sublime (formerly Scene of the Grime). I'm so honored to be guesting here at The Crafty Scientist today. I just love Mel and - she is one of the most creative bloggers in blogland in my opionion - so it is a blast to be in her house!

Today I’m sharing CREATIONS using materials I ALREADY HAD ON HAND (something I love to do because I am a thrifty AND creative gal) - FABRIC FLAG ART!

fabric flags 4

I made both a national and state flag. I used two particle board pieces we had around the house for some reason. Both wood pieces were about 20 inches by 24 inches. I covered each piece with off-white fabric I had purchased from a thrift store at some point. Whenever I see neutral color fabrics in good shape at the thrift store or in the scrap bin at WalMart, I usually buy them (for cheap!). I used a red bandana for the US flag stripes and blue fabric scraps for the stars background and the SC flag background.

fabric flags 1

As you can see, I had some serious help making the American flag – just call her Little Betsy Ross! Her role consisted mainly of napping on the project.

fabric flags 2

USA Flag

fabric flags 3

SC Flag ~ The Palmetto State

The Palmetto tree and moon on the SC flag are cut from paint dropcloth fabric I had left over from the dining room and living room curtains I made a few months ago.

I really like how these turned out – especially the FREE part!

Once again, I have so enjoyed being here at The Crafty Scientist today! Thanks so much, Mel! I would love for Mel's readers to come see me over at Scene of Sublime - I have lots of fun and creative crafts, decor, food, tips and thrifty ideas for you there! See you soon!

CY, Laurie

Thanks you SOOOO much for sharing, Laurie! I LOVE the South Carolina flag in particular... might have to find some SC fabric. Or my own little Betsy Ross. Be sure to check out Laurie at her blog, Scene of Sublime! Thanks again, Laurie!


  1. This is such a cute idea. I have so many blue and red bandanas that I could totally make this with! I would love you to share this at our first ever 4th Friday Finale!

    Thanks for the idea!

  2. Neat! Great crafts and sooooooo creative! Wow! thanks, namaste, CArol (A Creative Harbor) linked w HIH ~ ^_^

  3. hey i saw your feature from sassy sites and now I'm a follower! My husband is a PhD neuroscience student, so I feel like I need to craft to keep ME sane from all the time he spends at work lol! Fun blog, can't wait to see more! thanks!

    -rachel w k

  4. That is seriously cute! Thanks for sharing. I would be delighted to have you stop by and link this up to my VIP party this weekend! Have a safe and happy halloween!

  5. Love the american flag. It looks great. Stopping by from the Creative Bloggers party hop.
    Hope you stop by for a visit.

  6. How sweet these look and I learned something - I didn't know that was the state flag of South Carolina! What an interesting flag.

    I came here from the "Homemaker on a Dime" site because this is such a great idea for our Linky Party too this week. The theme is 'Creative Final Resting Place Ideas' this time.

    Would you like to add your post to our site? We're somewhat new yet getting good traffic already and ranking very well for the search engines.

    We'd love to host your 'link' there this week too!

    Pam Hoffman

  7. That is very cute! Laurie is very talented.

    I'm visiting from It's Toile good. Love your blog!

    Best wishes,

  8. I'd recognize that state flag anywhere. I used to live in the south and SC is one of my favorite places-- especially Charleston. Great guest post, and thanks for linking it up to Refresh Your Nest Friday!

  9. Awesome ideas! Thanks for linking to Things I've Done Thursday.


  10. i love it, gave me great ideas.. thanks so much for sharing

  11. These are great Mel! Laurie did a fabulous job and that little helper is so cute. Please let him/her come visit me! HUGS~

  12. I love the way the fabric was collaged to make these wonderful flag art pieces!



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