Christmas Cards

This year I decided to make Christmas and Hanukkah cards for friends and family. I had tons of fun browsing the internet and card/scrapbook magazine I subscribed to for a year (several years ago). I'm not sharing the Hanukkah ones because my family actually reads this blog (at least occasionally some of them read it), but I'm pretty proud of the Christmas ones and wanted to show them off!

This one was just different scrapbook papers, some of the rhinestones I used on the red rhinestones (that the boyfriend's mother got for me), some sequins, glue, and a star paper punch (that I got on clearance a million years ago and have only used for Christmas-y things for some reason). I'm also proud of myself because the glittery paper on the tree were also from my Christmas present from the boyfriend's family last year. 

This one is for the cousins - who celebrate Chrismukkah like the boyfriend and I do. The inside is more Christmas-y. 

I wasn't thrilled with the stamping on this, but I had fun making it and I think it turned out okay...

This is a close up of the bottom of the stamped card above - the twine that I sewed into the card. I did is using this paper sewing/scrapbooking tool that I am becoming OBSESSED with! (It's called Sew Easy Stitch Primer and you can buy really fun little attachments that punch holes for different stitches and patterns. I LOVE this thing.)

This card and the tree are definitely my favorites. I used foam squares to make the stockings more dimensional/stand up off the card and used a different stitch (and the Zig Zag  attachment) for this one. 

You can see the effect of the foam squares here, from this perspective.

I'm not thrilled with the stamping here, but I think it was a cute idea from one of the card magazines and I got to use twine (which I obviously love), so I'm happy!

This is a close up of the stamping and the little twine peppermint/"O". 

For the Jewish family members, I used my snowflake punch and made little paper snowflakes, ran those through my Xyron sticker machine, and stuck them on the envelopes of the cards. These envelopes will be inside the packages for gifts so it's not something that will cause mailing issues. I just thought it was a cute little touch... but maybe I got a little carried away... 

This would be the definitive proof that I've lost it. I got the boyfriend and the pups together and had Bella and Max put their "paw of approval stamp" on every. Single. Card. We only had purple and orange big stamp pads (the others are just little teardrop size ones) and so Max and Bella signed in college colors. Because we're awesome like that. (In other news, any family members seeing this should obviously act surprised and pretend they never saw this.)

Also, in case you're wondering, I found these awesome little printable cards/tags here at Eat Drink Chic (the ones that say "May Your Holidays Be Filled with Love & Whimsy" and a couple other designs!) and saved them last year, printed them out on cardstock, colored them in, punched with twine, and glued on the inside of the cards before the paw stamps and people signed the cards! (Frugal and fabulous, just the way I like all my projects!)

I didn't really photograph the process at all, but if you have any questions about anything, please feel free to ask! 

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  1. Wow, these are lovely! Merry Christmast to you! x

  2. These are very pretty and impressive! You're so crafty :-)

  3. I think I like the circle tree card best!


  4. I love them all! The stockings and the tree are extra cute. I'm impressed you made cards with everything you have going on. I slacked and bought some...and I just remembered I should probably send them out soon. Eek!

  5. lots of great ideas - we used squares to make our card trees this year;
    but I'm loving your circle version!
    If you get time - I'd love for you to join my site and help a fellow crafter get past 50 followers LOL! merry christmas x

  6. These are super cute!! Love the one with the tree and the stockings! Adorable!

    Thanks for linking up to this week's Catch a Glimpse party! Merry Christmas!

  7. I like them all. The stitching is awesome. But the dot tree is my favorite.

  8. I always want to make cards but never get around to it. SO glad you did- these look great.

  9. A) I am super jealous your family reads you blog. I could not pay mine enough. (They are sooo supportive)
    B) SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! LOVE these, Mel!!!! You are super talented. I love ccoming over here!

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