Homemade Ornaments

Since this was the first year the boyfriend and I had our own tree, there was lots of ornament making around here. I've already shared a couple I've made, but here are a few more I've made... (and I made all of them very quickly and with supplies I already had)!

Poinsettia felt flower ornament - I made this using the template from Kaboose that I found here. (And the free template is still up so you can get your own!)

Candy Cane felt ornament (sewed up with embroidery floss) - I made this using the free template/pattern from Bugs and Fishes here. I like all the floss and I had the ombre kind - the dark to light red one here - and so I made all my stitches obvious and on the front. 

It's all purple and orange around here! I made this one (and the next two felt ones - the blue and the pink) using the free templates from Bugs and Fishes here. I like her versions better, but I was going for quick and easy and I think mine are still fairly pretty! 

I put some Mod Podge on this one and then covered it in glitter! (It's the same blank glass ornament underneath that I used to make these red ornaments.)

I put Mod Podge on this one and added the white and clear glitter... I probably should have kept adding, but again, I was impatient... 

I finally finished the sequin ornaments with the puppy names on them - this is Bella's!

And this is the rest of the ornament/the other side of it.

And this is Max's ornament - the "A" and "X" anyways!

Hope you enjoyed the little tour of handmade ornaments I made recently... hopefully I'll get more patience and make more ornate ornaments for next year's tree!


  1. Love that sequinned monogrammed one!Cool! I am head over heels in love with felt too...I'll have to see if I can squeeze one of those in this week!!!! Your so creative!!!

  2. Hi, Mel

    I just love your ornaments. They are super cute. Merry Christmas.


  3. LOVE all your ornies!! Happy happy holidays to one of my fave bloggy princesses! Love Laurie

  4. Girl your craftiness never stops impressing me! I sure do wish we lived closer so we could have craft nights

  5. again, lots of inspiration - found you via sasse life & joined up - happy blogging!

  6. I like the sparkle bulb and the blue felt ornament the best! Great job.


  7. They look fabulous! I couldn't imagine how long it took you to finish the sequin ornament! Goodness!

    Thanks for linking these up as well.

  8. Oh Mel, these are so great!! I am going to show the kids and see if they want to make them today! You always amaze me!! HUGS~

  9. OH, I almost forgot...ROCK CHALK (that is for your sista)! HEE HEE!! Happy Holidays, my friend!

  10. Thanks for the link to this - it's always awesome to see what people make with my templates / tutorials! Have a great Christmas, Lupin x


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