Max's New Blanket

My grandmother knitted Bella blankets many moons ago and she actually knitted Max a small blanket that we sometimes put on him like a cape. She's been working on a larger blanket for Max and she finally finished it and sent it and Max is in love! My grandmother made the blanket in purple and orange for Clemson and Max just looks so cute in it!

With his all-time favorite toy ever - his stuffed elephant that he suckles on A LOT.

In his day time bed... that's right, he also has a night time bed that fits him a little better! 

I know I'm a little biased, but I thought these were just too adorable not to post!


  1. So cute! Max and the blanket. Your grandmother is so sweet!

  2. OMG so precious! I just want to snuggle up with him!!!

  3. LOVE the colors. I showed Noah the picture and he signed puppy. He loves puppies. :)

  4. sweeeet! Please scratch Max behind the ears for me. Hugs and smooches and wishes for a beautiful week ahead.

  5. You're not biased--this is so adorable!

    xoxo jen

  6. Fur babies are the best.

    So sweet.

    I wish I could knit. I am failing miserably at crochet. It's the only craft. I. Just. Can't. Get.

  7. Oh are so beautiful. I love the picture where you're looking up. I can't believe in all that gorgeous black fur your eyes still show up, but they just are amazing. The blankets look so good on you girl. It's so your color. Thank you so much for coming over to party with us>

  8. What cute pup! I love the colors of the blanket. Stopping by from the Puppy Party


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