Paper Cone Wreath

I saw this spectacularly gorgeous paper cone wreath that Laura over at The Corner House blog made and I had to try it! I didn't have the 3" paper punch, but for some reason, I thought I could still do this. And somehow, that wasn't even why the first version of this was kind of a craft fail...

But luckily, I tried again and made an awesome version of this wreath for my sister's new apartment and I absolutely love it! Seriously, it was totally worth the time and effort and it's really not something difficult to make (even though I had to make it a little differently from Laura's because she had bigger paper punches and a different wreath base so hers looks much cleaner and more put together)!

Here's how I made the insulation wreath form and this pretty wreath!

  • Wreath form/base (this was the first wreath I tried to use the foam insulation trick for and that's why I had issues the first time, but I got it right and you can learn from my mistake!)
  • Variety of 2" circle and scalloped circle paper punches
  • Scrapbook paper, dictionary pages (if desired)
  • Hot glue gun and glue
  • Ribbon (for hanging the wreath and a bow if you want)
  • Scissors
The first time I tried to make one of these, I used the foam insulation and I didn't quite get the circle made and pretty, which is why the first version was kind of a craft fail. However, the boyfriend still loved it and it's on his bathroom door so I should watch what I say, haha...

If you want to make the foam insulation wreath form, you want to make sure you get the kinks out. The boyfriend actually helped with subsequent versions and made little slices in the foam.

You don't slice all the way through the insulation, but you make little cuts all along it...

And then you can just make it into a nice circle with the ends duct taped together. (You have to imagine it since I somehow failed to take a picture of it.)

Now you're ready to start making your paper cones for the wreath. Just use your paper punches and punch out lots of circles and scalloped circles.

These are the shapes I used. You want to make lots of these because they have to cover your whole wreath!

Here's how you transform the punched shapes into cones:

Basically, you make a little slice into the circle and start to fold and wrap it around like a little ice cream cone. Add some hot glue, cover it, and you have a little paper cone that looks like this: 

Keep making these things in a variety of different papers and colors... 

And then you want to start gluing them onto your wreath. If you use the foam insulation, the hot glue will melt a little bit of the foam, but this was actually helpful for me because I could really get the cones kind of melted into the wreath so they are never coming apart. 

Keep gluing on the cones until you can't see the wreath form and you get a nice, thick group of paper cones... 

You just keep adding the paper cones so it's all nice and thick like this and have a whole variety of papers in there... 

Here's the craft fail wreath that the boyfriend still likes, but is weirdly misshapen... I just couldn't add enough paper cones to make this into a real circle... (It's not quite finished, but you can see the problem here.)

And here's the bad wreath hung up...

But, if you make the insulation all nice and circular, after you've glued on lots of paper cones, your wreath will look much prettier!

To hang up my sister's wreath, I tied a little ribbon around the foam insulation and then covered that with the paper cones. After I finished covering it with the paper cones, I just threaded a ribbon through the one I'd tied on the foam and left a little bit exposed. Then, just hang it up!

I added the little bow to my sister's wreath because I felt like it needed something pretty on it.

I'm linking up to some of my favorite conferences!

And a huge thanks to Laura at The Corner House blog for making her AMAZING wreath and a wonderful tutorial! Her blog is amazing and if you somehow haven't seen it, you absolutely should go check it out RIGHT NOW. I LOVE her projects!


  1. Once again, I'm so very impressed with your wreath skills! You are so talented! I wanna come have craft time and learn from you lol

  2. That must have taken you sooo long to make! I love the results!

  3. Hey - that was totally worth all of the hard work you put into it! I like the mix of papers you chose - it looks almost Nautical in feeling.

  4. Wow! The result is stunning! Pinning it! Vicky from Mess For Less

  5. I have an obsession with wreaths, so this is a definite pin. Love it!!

    Visiting here from Reasons to Skip the Housework

    Sapphire @ Life with My Pollitos

  6. Love it! It reminds me of shells for some reason, but with more color variations :)

  7. LOVE.. LOVE this one too.. Its turned out gorgeous... Love the colours used.. :-)

  8. This is beautiful - You are so talented. The colour combination is lovely.

  9. What a nice wreath! Great job! Thanks for linking to Things I've Done Thursday.


  10. That wreath is amazing! Newest follower here!


  11. you have alot of patience! These are adorable!

  12. Oh my gosh you've done it again! This is amazing. Thanks for the tip on cutting the insulation.

  13. this is so awesome! i've seen these selling at target for almost $30 dollars! i love when you link your cool creations up to my party!

    andie @ crayonfreckles

  14. ... and the color and pattern options are limitless. Gotta love that. Thanks for linking up to BeColorful

  15. Whoah! The colors, patterns, and layout are absolutely stunning!

    Thank you so much for sharing your creativity at Rook No. 17!


  16. Girl, just look at you, at it again with another FABulous wreath! That looks like such a lot of work, but worth it! Beautiful! I really like all your paper choices. Great job...I'm so glad you shared at Shine on Fridays!!

  17. You have been featured! Come on over and grab our button....

    Heather and Rose

  18. I can't even imagine how long that must have taken. What a fantastic idea! Thanks for linking up to Refresh Your Nest Friday!

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