Science News - Wish Me Luck!

I almost never post anything particularly real life related or science-y, but I just wanted to tell you all that I've been pretty quiet on the blog front recently because I'm proposing my dissertation on Friday (THIS Friday - eeeeek)!

After that, I'm going to be back full force and I honestly can't wait to get to that point... for those of you not familiar with this process, I still have to come back and defend this thing in May, which is the really big deal and when I'm basically really done. However, this is a big step - I actually have my data already, but haven't proposed the dissertation, which is kind of weird and unusual... but it's sort of like I am on step 35, but then after I propose this thing, instead of being on step 36, I'll be at step 55 (if we say that the whole thing is 70 steps or something like that... a laughably small number).

Anyways, the whole process is INSANELY nerve wracking because you present a whole lot of stuff to a committee of professors and they question you and it's open to the public and it's basically very stressful. So if all of you can think extra good thoughts and prayers and send luck my way, I'd REALLLLY appreciate it! I'll let you all know (possibly via Twitter) what happens on Friday! (And hopefully I'll have a post scheduled before now and then that's at least a little crafty...)

(P.S. In case the whole thing wasn't stressful enough, the boyfriend's mom and step-dad are gone for the weekend and so we're watching their GIANT black lab in the tiny apartment. He's awesome and super-sweet, but he's big. His father's name was Tank and a car hit Tank and the car was totaled. He's awesome, but it's like a zoo in here!)

(P.P.S. Not only am I channeling my fifth grade self, but I figured no post was really complete without some pictures and all I've really got are Max and Bella... so here's some cuteness that I'm using to keep myself less anxious til Friday... it's honestly hard to stay stressed when you see such a cute little face looking at you from the middle of the bed!)

Max LOVES his stuffed elephants... 

That's Bella with one of her blankets that my grandmother knit for her.

Max in the middle of the people bed.

And, the picture quality might not be awesome, but Bella has been sleeping with her head on Max's butt recently... here's the evidence. I don't know how they're both okay with it, but they are... 


  1. So sneaky. I don't think you've mentioned this lately. Or I've been far too absorbed in my own life to notice if you mentioned it. Good luck! (though I'll save my good luck x1000 for May). I imagine you'll do great.

  2. Good luck! It's wonderful that you are in the homestretch....although you still have one mountain left to climb! :D

  3. Good luck Mel!!!! Your doggies are so cute!!! :D

  4. ahhhhhhhh so exciting!!! you're going to be a-maz-ing! I can't wait to hear how it goes! Are you applying for jobs now too or do you have to do an in-feild internship type thing first?

  5. Good Luck and thanks for asking for our support!! I'm sure all will go well. Smiles, Lisa

  6. First of all, good luck, Mel!! I will be sending lots of good luck vibes your way Friday.

    Secondly, where the heck did ya get the bone in the last pic?? Must. Have. One.

  7. Well you know I'm rooting for you and sending extra special thoughts right now!! Love the pictures of the dogs :)

  8. good luck! i work in university admin, so i know how stressful it can be!

  9. I missed wishing you luck, since it's Friday night now.... but I hope that everything went well for you!

  10. I just saw your post! I also saw that everything went well. What was your dissertation on? I really want to know!


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