Google+ Help and Thoughts?

I know I had some links to helpful tips and advice about Google+ when it first came out, but now I'm struggling with it a bit more and I'm hoping you all have some ideas and advice, resources and tips... anything!

Basically, I'm trying to figure out how to manage my personal identity and page with a public page for the blog. I first created a page with my regular personal account, but then I can't really make circles or get the fun stuff with that page and basically no one is in any circles and I can't add them to those circles (they just stay in the personal section). But, I can get that nice little badge where you all can add me... I thought this would be the way to go because of the circles feature.... basically, I could add you guys as crafty bloggers and you'd see the blog stuff and then my work people would see the personal page and work info. But that's definitely not working - the personal stuff shows up with the blog stuff (particularly my name - I'd like the blog name to label the blog stuff and my full name to label the personal stuff).

So I figured I'd create a separate page/profile for the blog that used the email address I have set up with the blog and I'm having better luck there, but can't really get the badge to work and all the photos that I have set up with Blogger and Picasa (that deal with the main email address) aren't there. And I can't get badge there because I guess that one's considered a personal page...?

I'm leaning towards just leaving it all alone until I'm not on the job market and not worried about Google results and/or waiting until Google+ develops more and this becomes much easier to do and separate (and more like Facebook, I guess)... but I'm hoping you all might have some great insights!

So, do you guys have any ideas? Tutorials or references you've liked or found useful? Do you all have tips or things you've done to manage this? Am I wanting Google+ to do too much right now? Did you all just pick and do either the personal or the blog? Do you all even use Google+ for blog stuff? I feel like not too many people do... probably because of these issues! But maybe you all have some thoughts and ideas that can help... so let me know what you think!


  1. Hi Mel! Colleen @ Mural Maker and More wrote a 5-part series about G+. Here's part 1, and there are links to the rest in the post:
    I am still confused about it, but her series is definitely helpful.
    I miss the days of just GFC haha!

    1. aw, Steph, thank you! You're so sweet for mentioning my series. I found Mel via . . . Google+, ha ha!

      I guess I need to put on my geek-deciphering-specs and wade thru some more G+ stuff. I guess 3 weeks off is long enough ;)

  2. Hi!
    I did g+ one week ago..and after finishing page,links etc, I never opened g+ again! ahahah
    I think is very confusing and not-clear,
    so I hope in tutorials for people like me! ahahah

  3. Stopping by from the Grow your blog {blog Hop}!

  4. Hi Mel,Glad I stumbled across your blog.I have no idea how to use google+ whick is why i don't use it.I'm your new linky follower. Hope you stop by. :)


  5. oh gawd, i've had g+ for MONTHS and barely use it! i have two google +'s, one for personal and one for blog. trying to sort out how best to do that with facebook too... when i have time one day, xo

  6. Hi Mel! OK honestly, if you are having technical problems I am not touching Google+ for a year! you are WAY more technisavvy that I am :-) I am pathetic......I think I'll be the last one to do any of this stuff )-: I did join you with the linky followers.....I don't have the widget even set up on my blog. I'm not sure at all what I am going to do.....(do we need all that stuff????)

  7. Hi,
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