Guest Post: Priscilla of Thrifty Crafty Girl

I'm super-excited to share Priscilla's tutorial with you all.... now that I'm doing embroidery, I think I might need one of these for finishing off my projects. And Priscilla had me doubled over with laughter so hopefully you all will appreciate her awesome post too! Without further ado, here's Priscilla...

Hi there Crafty Scientist readers! I'm Priscilla and I blog over at Thrifty Crafty Girl. I'm so excited to be guest posting over here today, because I assume that as a guest, I will be receiving some sort of gift basket. I will be in my dressing room, waiting for the gift basket.

I've just been informed that there is no gift basket. There is also no dressing room. While I sob gently, I'll share a post from my blog... I hope you all like it!
On to today's project!  I got an iron for Christmas and it's amazing.  It's also bigger than my head, not sure why.  But I don't have an ironing board.  More importantly, I don't want an ironing board.  They are large, bulky and have to be put away which is always a production.  So I found something on Pinterest that I thought would work great.

I got some fabric in two patterns, a yard of each, and a yard of Insul-Batting.  I also got some magnets and puffy paint which I did not end up using.
I measured the top of my dryer and pinned the fabric together, right-side out.  I cut the fabric using the measurements, making sure to leave plenty on the sides.
Once I had the measurements right, I grabbed a fat square of fabric and laid out my magnets on it.
I folded the fabric over and cut it.  I pinned all the magnets in place for sewing.
I hand-stitched around the magnets.  I didn't want them to slide around, so I made sure they were pretty snug.

Once that was done, I stitched the magnet ensemble to the wrong side of my bottom fabric.  I made sure to place it so that it would stick to the sides of the dryer.

I tested it out before stitching, just to be sure it would fit OK...

Then I laid the batting on the bottom fabric...
And pinned the top fabric to it, tucking the ends in as I went.
I enlisted the help of my super-awesome Aunt Lois to sew up the sides because she's got a black belt in sewing machine.  Sewing up the edges took her about five minutes.
And then I took it home and tried it out.  It is too cute and works great!
In a project for one of these that I saw, they used puffy paint on the bottom to stop the mat from sliding around... the magnets I got must be super-strong because the mat doesn't slide at all.  And I can leave this up on the dryer if I want to, it's so pretty!

Oh, and the whole thing cost about $10... I love when pretty is thrifty too!

A huge thank you to Priscilla for sharing her post with us and I hope you all enjoyed it too! Remember to stop by and visit her (for more hilarity and adventures) at Thrifty Crafty Girl!


  1. I have wanted one of these mats for a long time. It is such a clever idea (and a time saver for me b/c I hate lugging the ironing board out). I just need someone to assist with the sewing so I don't break the dang machine.

  2. That is so awesome! I've got to try this one :-)

  3. Thanks for letting me be your guest today!

  4. Mel - Just to let you know, I featured this wonderful project today. Feel free to grab a featured button. Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. Clever and thrifty! Visiting from TT&J.

  6. This is great!! TFS!! Stopping by from Serenity Now linky party and a follower.

    Here is what I shared this week:

  7. looks great! what crafty friends you have! thanks so much for sharing this at tip-toe thru tuesday!

  8. Very clever and I'm impressed that it doesn't slide around. This would be so great for anybody that is cramped for space. Thanks for sharing this on Motivated Monday at BeColorful

  9. This is just so awesome! What a fabulous idea...may make me want to iron now. I featured this at this week's Mop It Up Mondays: Hope you can pop on over!


  10. Such a great it! This is being featured today at {Junk in their Trunk}...thanks for linking up!

  11. wow! what a great idea you had and thanks a lot for sharing this with us. this is really great especially if you are trying to take advantage of those wasted spaces! the top of a dryer! who would've told me! We loved this so much we are featuring it in the blog. and thanks to Mel for always having such fab and crafty lovelies here! kudos to both of you!


  12. What a great idea! I have a stacking washer and dryer but I'm making one of these to go over our chest freeze in the laundry room. Thanks for the great tutorial!

  13. Ive always wanted one of those.. such a fab idea.. I'll have to try it too.. :)

  14. I would love for you to share this on my linky party!
    Thanks, Marcie


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