How to Watermark Your Pics: A Blogging Tutorial

In the sad, sad days after Picnik, I've been scrambling to figure out how I'm going to edit my photos for the blog. You know, after I get my life back, start crafting, taking pictures, and uploading those pictures. Minor details like that...

After some exploring and playing with different options, I too am finding myself jumping on the PicMonkey bandwagon. At least for watermarking my photos.

There are a lot of tutorials out there for how to watermark your photos using Photoshop or text-only watermarks with online photo editing software/apps. However, I hadn't been able to find a way to watermark my photos with more than just text using something a little faster than GIMP or Photoshop. Because I like my little logo/watermark with the button. And I like to change up my watermarks - different colors and sizes, placement on the photo for different pictures. So I figured out how to do that with PicMonkey (which is FREE so anyone can do this!) and I didn't see any tutorials out there so I made my own... (The watermark is that little blue logo in the bottom right-hand side of this photo.)

Before you get started, you want to make sure you already have a watermark that you are going to add to your photos. I'll walk you through a bit of basic edits with PicMonkey, but you want to have the watermark ready somewhere you can find on your computer. Mine are in .png files. Once you have that done, you're ready to begin...

I'm pretty OCD and like the equivalent of a screencast, but all screenshots so that's what I made for you here. That means this may look long and complicated, but it's not. I'm just showing you every tiny piece of this process so there's no guessing - it's not really as difficult as it might seem from the length of this post, I promise!

First, you want to go to PicMonkey. Easy URL to remember: You'll end up at a page that looks like this...
You want to click on the "Edit Your Photo" square above, the thing the yellow arrow points to. (Note that I've tried to watermark these photos in places that are in the background area so that you know when the watermark is being added in the tutorial v. present here so that if anyone copy/pastes my photos, the source is clear.)

After I selected this adorable picture of Mr. Maximus that I happened to have handy, this is what the screen looks like...
By default you're on the "Basic Edits" page. I used the orange circle and arrow to highlight the little button you can click on to get back to this page and these edits if you need and so you understand how to navigate a bit.

I usually start by hitting that "Auto Adjust" button at the top (there's the blue arrow up there directing you to it).

And now the photo is a little lighter... some people might think this looks a bit washed out, but I like how there's a bit more detail in Max's face now.

Now I'm going to crop the photo before I add the watermark and finish it up.
To crop the photo, just go up there to the "Crop" button (right under "Auto Adjust") with the pair of scissors.

This little square shows up and you just move it around to highlight the area of the photo you want to keep.

I wanted to keep Mr. Max, but less of the field and background area. So you can move the corners to adjust the size of the box or area you want to keep. And then you can move the box around to get it over the area of the photo you want to keep (arrow 1). Then you hit the "Apply" button highlighted by arrow 2 to actually apply that crop/cut to the photo.

Ta da! Max in action! Now we're ready to watermark the pic... 

To watermark, we want to go to that overlays section. The little yellow circle shows you how to get to that tab. Once you click over to that tab, you can add stickers and labels. Or a watermark! To add your own logo/watermark, you want to click that "Your Own" button. 

Then, your files will show up and you can pick your watermark/image file you want. I have all my watermarks in a file together. I made mine in GIMP so that's why a lot of the files are in .xcf. But you can easily save them as .png in GIMP and that file type works fine with PicMonkey. 

For this picture of Max, I went with the Dark Green watermark - clicked on that folder and then clicked the "Open" button in the bottom right-hand corner.

The watermark shows up in the middle of the photo right there. But then you can move it wherever you want.

I just dragged the green watermark to the bottom right-hand corner here on this photo (see the arrow). You can also adjust the box around the watermark to make it whatever size you want.

You can also mess with that watermark a bit and change its color (arrow a), make it almost see through by fading it more and moving the fade slider (arrow b), and you can play with the blend modes to make it the opposite color or almost an x-ray like effect. You're limited in colors you can change the watermark to in PicMonkey, but you can still alter them a bit. This light blue came from the dark green one I showed you.

Once you have a watermark you like, click save in that bottom left-hand corner (see the yellow arrow and circle).

Then you get this box that shows up and you can change the title of the photo and go ahead and click on "Save Photo." to your computer in a place you can find it.

Once I had that photo, I just uploaded from my computer to Photobucket. From Photobucket, I grab the URL and add to my blog post.

Obviously Picnik eliminated some of this uploading and downloading, but this is a way you can keep your pretty logo as a watermark!

If you have any questions or other suggestions for adding watermarks, please leave them in the comments - I'd love to hear your thoughts on blogging in the post-Picnik world!


  1. PicMonkey is a great alternative to picnik!

  2. Thanks for a great tutorial! I seriously need to start watermarking my pictures, especially since I recently came to understand why bloggers do it.

  3. I have loved PicMonkey so far. This is a great tutorial girl!

  4. Yay! You're back with a great tutorial :) Congratulations on becoming Dr. Mel!

    Through trial and error I figured out how to do the same thing with PicMonkey but then I came across a blog post that recommended another great free photo editing site - iPiccy. With this one you can actually upload your photos (watermarks etc.) and they stay in your photo basket like they did with Picnik which is great. There are not as many fonts available with the program but all the other Picnik-ish features are there as well as some that are different. I edited my last blog post solely using iPiccy.

    Looking forward to seeing what you're creating next!

  5. Thanks for this tutorial! Looks like a fun sight.

  6. Great tutorial Mel! I have played around in pic monkey a little and I love how user friendly it is. I started writing all my blog posts in Windows live writer so I watermark there. It makes it so much easier to handle all my pics. The one downfall is it's text only so it wouldn't work for an image. I love your though and it's pretty sweet that you made it yourself :)

    Christine @ Projects Around The House

  7. Visiting from TT&J. Thanks for sharing your tutorial. I've never used PicMonkey.

  8. Thanks for the tutorial. I have been thinking about watermarking my photo's for some time but it was difficult and timely. I know I can do this easily. So appreciate your sharing.

  9. Thanks for the tute. I need to check out PicMonkey!

  10. Awesome tut! I need to play with PicMonkey now. Been using for collaging.

  11. This is a wonderful tut, and I REALLY need to start doing this. Thank you for the awesome info and how to!! :)

  12. Mel this is such a great tutorial! Thanks so much for sharing this with our readers this week!

    Take care,


  13. This is awesome...wasn't sure what to do after picnic closed...thank you!! ~deirdre

  14. Great tutorial!! Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday! I hope you are having a fabulous week!

  15. Thanks for the good tips and tutorial!! We loved having you come to our "Strut Your Stuff Saturday." We hope you'll be back again soon! -The Sisters

  16. picmonkey is so awesome! they got me before it even opened. the cute little monkey talked me into it! thanks for linking this tip up to tip-toe thru tuesday!

  17. what a great tutorial, Mel! when picnik closed, I also began using picmonkey but I also love using photoscape. thanks for sharing!

  18. Thanks for the great tutorial! Looking forward to checking out PicMonkey!


  19. By using this approch,you are wasting your time and effort there are automated tools like Mass Watermark that can process 100s of Images with few clicks.It also can add EXIF Info,Resize,Optimize and even Share your Images to Picasa/Flickr webalbums after watermarking


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