Fun Reading in 2013

I know some of my favorite bloggers round up what they read in 2013 and their favorites (shout outs to/for Krug the Thinker's 2012 list, Joyful Whimsy's 2013 list, and Maybe Matilda's 2012 list of intense and important books). I'm a little less organized (no ratings or summaries of all of them - sorry!) and I read mostly non-mind-altering-nor-life-changing books in my down time. As in, forensic and legal thrillers and mysteries. And this past year, I read big chunks of series from Kathy Reichs and John Sandford as well as Nelson DeMille. I enjoyed most of them (in recent years I actually stopped reading books mid-way through if I hated them). If you have questions about any of the books specifically, just ask! Also note that the links to all of these books in the list below are to Goodreads. You can find my Goodreads profile here.

Also, in other awesome discoveries, if you're looking for new books to read, these are some seriously helpful book recommendation websites:

So without further ado, here's a list of my fun reading from 2013 (be sure to SCROLL through all the books - there are more than 40)!

Any recommendations for 2014 for me?

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