Favorite July 4th Projects

I really like patriotic crafts and July 4th is an awesome time to roundup some of my most favorite patriotic, July 4th, flag-centered crafty projects and recipes... check out some of my favorites highlighted here.

And the full roundup of more than 50 projects (complete with links) is here... enjoy!

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My Wreath on Good Housekeeping(.com)!

I'm SOOOOO excited to tell you guys that my July 4th wreath (the interchangeable one from 2012) is featured on Good Housekeeping's website here. I got an email telling me it was up, I clicked on over, and nearly passed out from shock...

I just wanted to share the exciting news here... feel free to check it out yourself at Good Housekeeping's roundup of awesome July 4th projects!

Under Construction

If you're reading this blog in a feed reader, that's a good thing... for now! : )

The blog itself is under construction because I'm prettying it all up and it's going to take some time. Normally I like to do more behind the scenes, but I can't do that with many of these changes because a lot of what I want to change is the junk code and stuff that I've just left in there and that sometimes prevents changes I make from actually showing up.

My goal is faster load times and a blog that's less wide and the whole thing being much cleaner and lighter... stay tuned and thank you for standing by with me!

Ombre Striped Clay Pendant

I rediscovered how fun it could be to play with clay around Christmas when I made these ornaments. However, I got pretty excited to try out clay projects and tutorials and figure out how to make more clay jewelry and I came up with a few of these pendants.

Ombre Striped Clay Pendant Tutorial

Unfortunately, I didn't really think about blogging and ended up giving away some of my finished projects before taking pictures of the them (even though I desperately tried to take pictures of the process - which was a whole ridiculous adventure by itself).

  • Clay in several shades or one color with white and/or silver as well as black and/or brown clay
  • Wax paper to protect your workspace
  • Pointy tool (to make your clay project a bead/pendant)
  • Circle cookie cutter
  • Roller
  • Parchment paper

The tools marked with the asterisk are ones that I didn't actually use in this version of the project, but I did use them in another clay project I'll share soon!

First, gather your supplies and cover your workspace. Get the ombre effect by making several tints and shades of clay. Just add white/silver and/or black/brown until you have several little piles of clay (with an ombre effect).

Knead the little piles of clay together to blend until you have several little piles of clay. Then roll them into thin little snakes.

Put the little snakes of clay in order, from light to dark, and push them together. Place a piece of parchment paper on top of the clay (shiny side up against your hand), rub gently, lightly use the roller to push the stripes together, and then remove the parchment paper and use your round cookie cutter to cut out a section of the striped clay. Remove the excess stripes/ends of the stripes--- I found an awesome use for this clay that I'll share in a future tutorial!

Pick up the circle of clay you've made and use a pointed tool (or even a toothpick or straight pin) to make a hole in the top of the clay so you can add a loop later to make it a pendant! Then you just bake it according to the clay's instructions and voila!

As you can tell, you want to remove your rings because the clay can color your hands and just get everywhere.

I made several of these in a variety of colors (and some with an oval cookie cutter)...

But this is the only one I held onto and actually got pictures of... but I think they look awesome and both the front and back look gorgeous so you have a reversible pendant!

I'll be sharing at some of my favorite parties...

Interchangeable Blue and Green Polka Dot Wreath

....or the second version of the interchangeable wreath polka dot attachment I shared almost a year ago. That one was purple and orange for Clemson and this one is a bit more 'cool colored' because I wanted something summer-y, but I mostly just had the blue and green felt.

I did the same thing I did before - cut out different sized circles, stuffed and sewed them together, glued them onto felt pieces, and glued velcro to the back of the big felt pieces. You can see more of that process in my tutorials on the interchangeable wreath here and here.

For variety, I layered several sized circles over each other for a sort of ombre effect and then some circles got buttons and a couple got some sequins sewn onto them.

Super-simple, but I love it! And I'd love to see it if any of you guys make a polka dot wreath or any kind of interchangeable wreath!

I'm still working on some of the blog design stuff behind the scenes (with my new computer!), but I'll take some time to share at these parties...
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