2011 Scrapbook {Part 1}

As I admitted here not too long ago, I've gotten back into scrapbooking after a long time away (which explains why my scrapbooks have been from 2010 and now 2011). When I started this one, I wasn't sure if I wanted to go the Project Life route or not and though I've gone that way now, this is the first "real" scrapbook I made in a lot of years... and by "real," I mean that I started with 12"x12" cardstock and made my own pages.

Keep in mind that I am NOT a professional scrapbooker and do not get anything for free, I don't have the money to do a monthly kit or subscription kind of thing. But I felt fancy because I have a Silhouette machine and a decent (I think so, anyways!) stash of pretty papers. Plus, I had twine and some paper that I marbleized with Mr. Crafty Scientist.  My point is to say don't judge me too much, but also that if I can do this, you can too... it's really not that difficult and doesn't take that much money. It's not a real tutorial here, but I'll tell you about each page in case you're interested in making your own!

These are the results...
I went with a PL album that I got on super-sale and ended up needing 2 full albums to contain 2011...

I used silver vinyl to make labels for the spines.

After I struggled to remember some of the details and context of the year, I thought some context might be a good thing to add to the scrapbook... so I went back and made this page. By then, I'd purchased the Teen and Tropical theme packs of Project Life cards so that's what I've used here along with silver vinyl for the title.

I used more silver vinyl to add the "January" title and a snowflake or two. The other snowflakes were created with a regular paper punch and then I slid them through my little Xyron sticker machine. (And in case you couldn't tell, I like to have fun with my scrapbook pages and this one features Bella pooping in the snow... more or less the only thing she did out there, but she loved it.)

This next page features Max in the bath tub (looking so cute!) and I added little washi tape flags/pennant-type things (I just cut little "v"-shapes into the ends of the tape) and then some old die-cut letters (the blue) to the top for a title.

In the winter, the pups got very snuggly with their blankets (especially after bath time) and my grandmother made a special one for them (officially it was Bella's while Max was in line for a bigger one) and I captured Bella in the bath and then blanket love here. I used a paper punch for the hexagon shapes and then yellow vinyl to make the "all bundled up" title.

This is another not-so-serious page... with Mr. Crafty Scientist making Max cuddle up for a photo and when Bella took control of the remote and curled up with a hedgehog toy... and lastly, when we took Bella for a walk and right before we went inside, she pooped right in front of our neighbor's door. We almost died laughing and took a picture before removing it from the door. This page has a paper-punched label, vinyl Silhouette title, washi tape flags, and a card from the Snap line.

I didn't have too many photos from February, but managed to find these of Max and the Mr. looking adorable and playing fetch at night out on the basketball court at the apartment complex. I cut out a page title from some dark pink vinyl and then a paper punch to get make circles of various sizes.

This was the start of some serious baking and crafting so I included photos of the banana bread and puppy chow the Mr. made and the snowflake specimen art I made. This is all just regular cardstock and patterned paper with a vinyl page title.

I used a stamp to make little "muddy" paw prints all over the page to echo Max's mud beard and muddy feet after some time at the duck pond. I used vinyl to make the page title.

More from Max's fun in the duck pond. The stripe of triangles is duct tape and then I cut up little triangles of marbleized paper to spread on the cardstock background. I used vinyl for the title here too.

There you go... a tour of the first chunk of my 2011 scrapbook. What do you think? Are there tools I desperately need to own?

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Fave (Free!) Fonts #3

As I did some blog design updating around here, I discovered some fonts that have quickly become some of my favorites (and they're free)! So I thought I'd share them with you here... Click the links below to get your own copy of them!

What are some of your favorite fonts? (Really, I'd love to know and start using them!)  And, if you're a font fan too, check out my other favorite font posts here.

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Chevron Ombre Clay Pendants

While I'm enjoying some break time, I wanted to share this tutorial with you.... I figured I'd add another trend into the Striped Ombre Clay Pendants I made - and it would let me play with more clay and make more shades and tints (which I love). So voila - the chevron ombre clay pendant!

Basically, you start out just like the other pendants (the Striped Ombre Clay Pendants), but instead of cutting out a circle or whatever shape for your pendant and then making a hole for a jump ring, you're going to make two cuts like this. 

(The middle triangle is the extra clay that you'll set aside and I'll share some projects for what I did with that extra clay, but you can make that a pendant like the other ones I've shared or do a number of things with it.)

Then, line up your two angled side pieces and sort of smoosh them together (#1). Then, put some parchment paper on it and rub the clay (#2) so the stripes are melded together pretty well (#3). Then, use a cookie cutter or just a knife to cut the pendant into the shape you want (#4). 

Then, use your toothpick or pick or whatever and poke a hole for a ring so you can make it a pendant. Bake according to the instructions for your clay. 

Add a jump ring or spring ring and string onto some kind or cord or chain and it's a necklace!

A sort of side view - you can see the pendant is pretty thick. I like making my stripes and pendant pretty thick, but you can play around with that and make a few pendants!

I LOVE this project and the pendants I've made this way... I just think they're so pretty and visually interesting. Hopefully I'll get to be fascinated by some pendants you make! 

Also, I have to give big credit and thanks to Lucy of Craftberry Bush for her tutorial on chevron clay pendants because I used that to figure out how to make these (though I still can't figure out how to make a black and white clay pendant without a lot of gray clay).

I'll be sharing this project at some of my favorite parties...
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