Clay Heart Stud Earrings

After I rounded up all the DIY earring organizers for this post, I made one of my own (that I'll share some day), which inspired me to whip up some new earrings for myself... I've been playing with clay a lot recently so I started with clay and this tutorial from Delighted Momma and this one from The Crafted Life.

Clay Heart Stud Earrings

What You'll Need
supplies for making clay heart stud earrings
  • Clay (several colors) + rolling pin or roller
  • Small heart cookie/clay cutter
  • Paintbrush
  • Glossy clay glaze and/or Mod Podge Dimensional Magic
  • E6000 or Krazy Glue
  • Flat earring posts
supplies for making clay heart stud earrings

How to Make the Earrings
I started off with a couple colors of clay, mixed them together, rolled them out, and cut out with a little heart cookie cutter/clay cutter (it came as part of a set at A.C. Moore, I think). I baked according to the directions on the package and let them cool for awhile. (If you have questions about rolling out the clay or using the cutter, I highly recommend checking out the tutorials from Delighted Momma and The Crafted Life for great pictures!)

I was inspired by Bethany of Pitter and Glink's earrings here and so I covered my little hearts in Mod Podge Dimensional Magic. I had some trouble making it look even, but the finished result is awesome....
Blue Clay Heart Stud Earrings

Then, I used some Krazy Glue and glued the earring posts onto the back. And voila - earrings!
Blue Clay Heart Stud Earrings

At some point in my clay phase, I bought glossy clay glaze and tried out painting that on some hearts. I just let that glaze dry overnight and then glued on the posts and voila - a second awesome set of heart earrings!
Pink Clay Heart Stud Earrings

Okay, I actually made two more pairs...
Pink Clay Heart Stud Earrings

Pink Clay Heart Stud Earrings

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Favorite Finds from the Web {Week of 9/8/14}

I shared my favorite things a few weeks ago on Labor Day here and now I want to share a few more awesome discoveries and cool stuff I've seen this week...

  • Sporcle - free online trivia with a million quizzes and categories. And you can earn badges! I love the geography, TV, and sports quizzes. Prepare to spend hours there... 
  • Clemson Necklace - I got it from GroopDealz about two weeks ago for $11 (including shipping) and it arrived on Friday and I'm in love! I can't figure out who the seller was or I'd tell you - let me know if you know! (If only there was a Clemson game this week to wear it for...)
pic via GroopDealz
via CNN
via Lifehack
via Wired

Did you find anything else super-awesome? Please share in the comments!

Ombre Scalloped Wreath

I saw some pretty felt wreaths on Pinterest (like this one from Make & Takes, this one from a bit of sunshine, and this one from Green Wedding Shoes)and knew for awhile I wanted to make my own. I finally got around to it after hoarding some blue felt. The result was even better than I'd imagined!

This was seriously simple to make. The directions are basically to get felt, wreath form, template, scissors, and straight pins. Cut out the scalloped template in several shades and tints of felt. I used this template from Jen at Tatertots & Jello (a big thanks to her!) - one row of the scallops on the paper was perfect for wrapping one color or row around the wreath. (Jen's wreath was all one color so she had one long piece of felt.) Wrap around your wreath form and hold in place with a straight pin (I literally just put a straight pin or two directly into the wreath to hold the two edges of the felt over one another).

You could use glue, but I was thinking I might re-arrange the colors so I did something temporary... I probably would have gone for hot glue if I'd known how much I'd like this pattern! Just keep wrapping different strips of the scalloped felt around the wreath form until you get finished... mine are mostly in an ombre pattern (they're slightly imperfect when I got back to the starting point, but I didn't care enough to try to fix it). 

I staggered the scalloped points - made me think of the children's book about the rainbow colored fish with the scales he gives away (some Googling revealed the book is The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister). 

The resemblance is obvious... right? Right? 

A few more shots because I loved it so much I had to take pictures... even when it was wayyyyy too bright to expect actual pictures....

My new favorite wreath for sure!

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Free Desktop Wallpapers Roundup

I love the first of the month in part because I get to go collect free desktop calendar wallpapers to fancy up my computer (it almost kinda sorta balances out the bills that start again each month). People who know me in real life usually ask about where I get them so I thought I'd round up some from this month. Most of these sites offer a new one each month so I highly recommend bookmarking some you like... (and no I don't go to all of them each month, but I do visit a few). (And a big thank you to the talented people who make these each month!)

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Best Stuff on the Web {This Week}

I used to try to share some of my favorite things here on the blog. Since I love reading about everyone else's favorite things, I figured it would be good to share my own.... turns out I could never narrow down the list enough to hit publish. But I'm giving it another try (you know, since I have the fun of an extra day this weekend)... so check out some of my favorite things this week to start pinning, adding to wishlists, and bookmarking to read later!

  • College Football Season! The best part of the week was clearly the start of the college football season (I only count down starting the week after the national championship - I'm not one of those obsessed people...) To celebrate (even though my Clemson Tigers didn't win), check out the Wall Street Journal's Grid of Shame (for just the graphic, click here) and find your favorite team... 
  • via WSJ
  • Invention / New Product: 2 female engineers have made dolls that encourage girls to join the STEM fields (via Mic)
via Mic
  • App: Wunderlist is so helpful for making lists that you can share with your significant other, as well as tagging tasks, adding deadlines, making multiple entire lists, sub-tasks, etc. and then get access on your desktop (Mac AND PC), iPhone, Droid, iPad, etc. (for free!)
via Wunderlist
  • Critical World News: Full House (might have a) reunion (you got it, dude!).... so much excitement. Read more about it here
via Glamour
  • Shopping: Lots of Labor Day sales! (6 of them here, courtesy of The Glitter Guide)
  • "Secret" that Makes Life More Awesome: You can use up to 4 coupon / promo codes at the same time on! (Maybe you already knew, but that was very exciting for me this week...)
  • Tech Roundup: Time rounded up 59(!) free Twitter tools to use (I'm still exploring, but I've already lost some serious time to SocialBro, thanks to this article)
via SocialBro
  • DIY Project with Stuff You Own: I think all crafty gals like making stuff with school supplies (or just getting school supplies) and Brit + Co rounded up some DIY projects to make with office supplies (so you can fun even if you're not going back to school and getting your own new supplies)
via Brit + Co.

Anything I missed? Great stories, tools, nostalgia? I'd love to know (seriously, I would)!
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