My 2010 Scrapbook {Part 2}

I shared the start of my 2010 scrapbook - in all of its low budget supplies and quick turnaround time glory - many moons ago and I promised to share the second part. Well, after a delay much too long, here it is! (For a look at the first part, visit this post.)

Here's the first page where we left off last time...

This was one of the Clemson games we actually went to AND had good pictures from AND I'd saved a ticket stub so it made the highlights scrapbook for this year.

I love these pictures of us - one of them is currently up in my office so I can look at how cute we were!

Fall meant fall crawl - a pub crawl that's become a Clemson tradition - and carving pumpkins for Halloween. I made the creepy smiley face one and the Mr. had the patience of a saint and made the tiger. Seriously, I went to bed before he'd finished carving because I was exhausted. When I woke up, I was seriously amazed... the photos don't do this pumpkin justice!

I should have gotten better pictures of Fall Crawl because one of the most fun parts is that you have to wear the official shirt to get the drink deals so we're in matching shirts with the event details on it. Scrapbook photographer fail.

We went to Atlanta to visit my parents and so I got a few cute pictures here.

After the aquarium, we went to Centennial Olympic Park and the Mr. posed with these cool fountains in the middle of the Olympic rings. (Coincidentally, I think we framed one of these for his mom for Mother's Day in 2011 which worked out pretty well.)

And the last photo from the album (as I was making this for the Mr. for Chrismukkah) was the Clemson - University of South Carolina rivalry game just after Thanksgiving. Again, I didn't save tons of stuff and we didn't have that many photos from the game, but I still think these are super-sweet and were a nice end of the scrapbook.

In case you were wondering, this is what the pages look like when the scrapbook is laid out open and flat. Not too big, but the pages are thick chipboard.

There it is... my highlights of 2010, stash busting, super-cheap chipboard album from 2010. To see the first part, visit this post here.

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Happy Easter from the Easter Puppies!

The whole gang wanted to wish you a very happy Easter...

Bella the puppy in Easter bunny ears

Max the puppy in Easter bunny ears yawning

Max got pretty into the photo shoot despite early efforts to go to sleep in the sunshine on the porch...
Max the puppy in Easter bunny ears

With and without the snaggletooth...
Max the puppy in Easter bunny ears

She really liked the bunny ears (as did Max), no matter what they might tell you if they figure out how to dial an iPhone with their fuzzy little paws...
Bella the puppy with Easter bunny ears

Bella the puppy with Easter bunny ears

Some day I'll show you how I made these little bunny ears, but you can probably figure it out from the pics here - it's felt, some fabric stiffener, needle and thread, and some ribbon. The puppies really did like them and both attempted to take naps in them. We also turned these pics into little Easter/Passover cards for friends and family. In other news, Target's photo center disappointed us again. Twice this time. But that's a story for another time.

For now, happy Easter from all of us, especially those us with bunny ears on!
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