Badges... It's the closest "science-y" word I can come up with to describe the awesome button selection here at The Crafty Scientist!

Look around and take as many as you want and feel free to re-size as they fit your blog!

Basic Blog Buttons
There are now THREE options for Crafty Scientist buttons - take your pick!

If you display my button, please send me an email and let me know - I'll add you to my "Peers" page. Plus, if you think my blog's awesome enough to display my button, I'm pretty sure I want to get to know your blog!

For All Crafty Scientists...
I've gotten lots of emails and comments from you guys who are also crafty scientists... and that makes me super-excited so I made you all a button! Display if you want and please tell me if you display it so I can put up a list of crafty scientists somewhere! (For now, the list is here on my "Peers" page.) I'll put up your button if you have it or a text link if you don't have a button!

For those of you who helped me out by guest posting...
I'd be honored if you'd grab a button!

And those that have been featured...
If you've been featured, I'd love for you to display the "Featured On" button!

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